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Student Research Project in Bioremediation


The current unit we are covering in Biotechnology is Bioremediation. For this assignment, students will be conducting investigations on one of eight topics in Bioremediation. Each group will consist of 3-4 members. It will be your job as a group to decide how to complete the various components of the project (this may include dividing up the tasks, working together for each one, having some members devoted only to analyzing and proof-reading, etc.).

Being that this is a research project, I expect to see material cited (along with external links) from other sources found from the internet. You may add anything to the project that you feel is relevant (links, pictures, your own thoughts, etc.). The length of each subtopic and number of required references are not set. If you are uncertain as to whether you are doing enough work, please contact me and I will look at what you have completed thus far. Please complete the pages thoroughly and neatly.


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Fill out the following pages with your group:

Be Sure to Cite All Material With at Least a Webpage
Definition of Bioremediation
This is a GENERAL definition of bioremediation and is not unique to your individual topic.
Explanation of the Problem
Explain why JUST YOUR TOPIC is an environmental problem. Where do these environmental problems exist (is the entire world affected by this problem or just specific communities)? Is is more/less a problem now than it was before?
How Bioremediation Solves the Problem
Explain how bioremediation is used to solve JUST YOUR TOPIC. Explain the process in detail. What types of microbes are used in this type of bioremediation?
Other Methods to Solve the Problem
This area should cover JUST YOUR TOPIC. What other methods are there for solving this problem than bioremediation efforts? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using bioremediation vs. these other methods?
These examples should cover JUST YOUR TOPIC. Explain in detail at least two real-world examples of when bioremediation was used to solve this environmental issue.
Future of Bioremediation
Most of this should be a GENERAL response for all aspects of bioremediation. Is bioremediation going to be used more/less/same in the future than it is now? Why/Why not? Do you think it should be used more/less/same? Do you think YOUR RESEARCHED AREA of bioremediation could be expanded on in the future?

Group Topics

Group A: Oil Spills (wiki page) Erika,Gabriella,Rich,Chris

Group B: Sewage Effluent (wiki page) Katie R,Tom,Jack,Andrew

Group C: Chlorinated Solvents (wiki page) Eddie

Group D: Pesticides (wiki page) Paul,Micah,Tiffany

Group E: Agricultural Chemicals (wiki page) Matt,Dylan,Harrison

Group F: Toxic Waste (wiki page) Tracy,Mike,Amanda,Anthony

Group G: Creosote Contaminants (wiki page) Katherine U,Conner,Nicole

Group H: Gasoline Contamination (wiki page)

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