Problems with Agricultural Chemicals :

Expences for agr. chem by county


Agricultural Chemicals are pesticides and fertilizers that farmers and gardeners use. There are about 140,000,000 pounds of pesticide ingredients are used around people's homes every year. These chemicals contain dangerous chemicals. They cause many bad effects like cancer in humans, Nervous system toxicant in humans (they can be a Cholinesterase inhibitor), Reproductive or developmental problems, and Disrupts hormonal systems in humans. There are also problems in animals. (

There is a great problem with this because all the people who use these Agricultural Chemicals (this includes fertilizers) it runs off when it rains all of the chemicals that are not used are running down hills and go into the water treatment plant or go into a river and head to the ocean intoxicating thousands of fish every where. Now it is not to a degree that we have to be worried about but the effects may settle in we don’t know too much about these chemicals because there are fairly new. So the problem is that there are far too many pesticides being used today, we have to limit our selves to what we use.

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