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-Bioremediation of sterile agricultural soils that have been contaminated with petroleum The soil is applied with the soil bacterium pseudomonas putida.

-Use of symbiotic microorganisms in agricultural and forestry soils Soil is inoculated with rhizobia or ectomycorrhizal fungi in order to benefit plant production.

-Desalination of agricultural land. Achieved through phytoextraction (use of plants to remove contaminants from soil, sediments, or water into harvestable plant mass.

-Bioremediation of selenium-infected waters. Selenium is a naturally occurring element in water, soils, biota, and food. This element in excess, however, is harmful to wildlife such as birds and fish.

-Bioremedion of lands contaminated with radiation. Manipulation of the extremely radiation-resistant bacterium deinococcus radioduran which can potentially detoxify contaminated sites.

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