Other ways to clean up creosote contamination is through steam cleaning.For example the biggest successful is the four acre superfund site located in located in Visalia,Califirnia. For the last 80 years, Southern California Edison have utilized this site for to treat utility poles with creosote, which led to thousands of gallons of the toxic chemical to leak into the ground, reaching depths of 100 feet. The pump and treat method was began in Visalia in 1976 to clean up the site. It only got rid of 10 pounds of pollutants per week for a 20-year period, and probably would have taken about two hundred years just to complete. Then they started steam cleaning at the site in 1998 and removed 300,000 pounds of creosote from the area within the first six weeks of operation - a rate of 46,000 pounds per week. More than 1.2 million pounds of creosote have been removed from the site, which will be completely remediated by the year 2000 - only two years after initiating steam cleaning.

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