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Examples of how we can use bioremediation to help the problem of toxic waste are bioventing, landfarming, biorector,composting,bioaugmentation,rhizofiltration,and biostimulation. Landfarming has been used for years to help the mangagement and disposal of oily sludge and other petroleum refinery wastes. Landfarming has been used to treat near surface oil contamination. A biorector is a device that supports a biologically active environment. It may be used or a system to grow cells or tissues in the context of cell culture. Composting recycles or downcycles organic household and yard waste and manures into an extremely human - like, soil end product called compost. Examples of this would be fruits, vegetables, or yard clippings. This leads to needed organic matter and nutrients into the foodchain and reduces the amount of green waste going into landfills. Some people believe that composting conciderably speed up the natural process of decompostion as a result of higher temperatures. Bioaugmentation is used at sites where soil and groundwater are contaminated with chlorinated ethenes. It is used to ensure that the microorganisms can completely degrade these contaminants to ethylene and chloride which are non- toxic. Biostimulation involves the modification of the enviroment to stimulate existing bacteria that are capable of bioremdiation. The advantage of using this is that it would already be undertaken by native microorganisms that are well suited to the subsurface enviroment.

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