Birdstrike is a fan-fiction Thomas & Friends episode for Season 17 made by SuperMalechi, which aired in the place of the real version of "The Thomas Way".


Sir Topham Hatt tells the delighted engines that they will be celebrating the Golden Jubilee of the Railway Series this year. Gordon wants to pull the special train for the occasion, but Sir Topham Hayt has borrowed Pip and Emma to pull the train. Gordon has no time to be upset though, because he has to leave to pull the Express. Near Henry's Tunnel, some crows are flying close to the railway. When Gordon startles them with his whistle, the birds fly too close to him, and with a bump the brakes suddenly come on. The crew eventually find a bird knocked the seal off Gordon's front brakepipe, and the train sets off again, but no one forgets the incident, and tease Gordon about it.



  • US/UK Narrator: Mark Moraghan.

Voice Actors


  • Mark Moraghan as Narrator/Thomas
  • Steven Kynman as Duck

Music Included

  • Season 6-7 Busy Theme (start)
  • ???
  • ???


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