(b. GY16914/33102 CE d. GY17182/33370 CE)

Manifold Legion General Executive Magister and Director of the Bureau of Science and Technology; Birdwan was a small, stocky woman of indeterminate age and blockish features. Her blue eyes were framed by angularly cut jet-black hair with bangs that fringed above her singular and bushy eyebrow. A native of the high gravity world of Borson, she had distinguished herself in her early Legion career translating arcane texts in manifold-mechanics discovered on an ancient Colonial world destroyed by atomics tens of thousands of years before.

Birdwan applied to the Legion in GY16932 and was accepted. The remainder of her life was lived on Concourse – the Manifold Legion universal headquarters. She was charted by the Pilot-Instructors for the LegionBank career track until an Executive Magister from Science and Technology reviewed a treatise she published on an analysis of an ancient monetary control system from Earth’s Colonial Era. The executive saw latent skills in the young recruit that better suited her for the Executive Magister career track. Birdwan rose steadily through the management ranks of the Science and Technology bureau. In GY16949 she was posted to the Legion archeological staff on Festung (Odin 4) to translate texts on manifold-mechanics discovered in the ruins of the University of Leipzig and she succeeded the Deputy Executive Magister for Techno-archeology in GY16962. She was appointed Deputy General Executive Magister for Technology in GY16975, and became General Executive Magister of the Bureau in GY16981.

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