"Biscuit's Great Race" is a 2000's roller coaster at Ryan Bannon Studios Park Paris. It is a soap box derby & picnic-themed ride which opened May 5, 2001.

In this ride, Biscuit is having a soap box derby movie called "The Great Race" (the 1999 episode) to have in his cinema. When he is about to make the racing scene, Fleao & B-Toner tug it into shreds, causing the projecter & camera to go crazy, spinning around in circles. While the camera spins, the riders go into a soap box factory or "car factory" to approach the soap box cars or race cars.

The train goes up a tall lift, across a snowy mountain. Soon, it goes down & plummets & pierces through a poster.

Soon, it starts the action. The camera goes haywire, & the train goes plummeting down again into a picnic & shots out of a barn. It then goes back into the station.

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