"Why should I take orders from you, when you are so weak? You need me to do your fighting for you. I must find a worthy opponent."— BlackWarGreymonBlackWarGreymon is one of the major antagonists in the anime, Digimon Adventure 02.Contents [show] AppearanceEditBlackWarGreymon is a Mega Level Digimon that resembles a evil black version of WarGreymon, although he looks like an evil twin of WarGreymon.Digimon Adventures 02EditBlackWarGreymon first appeared when he was created by Arukenimon. He was created by Arukenimon's Spirit Needle attack, and 100 Control Spires. But after he easily defeated the DigiDestined, BlackWarGreymon refused to obey Arukenimon nor Mummymon's orders. BlackWarGreymon's first goal was to find a powerful adversary, then his second goal was to destroy the Destiny Stones in order to find out his true nature. After BlackWarGreymon killed several Mammothmon that were created from 200 Control Spires by Arukenimon, he encountered Agumon and had a conversation about trying to tell BlackWarGreymon that he must have a heart. While Paildramon, Silphymon, and Ankylomon were fighting Knightmon, the Destiny Stone was almost destroyed, BlackWarGreymon felt pain and flew away to destroy the first Destiny Stone as well as killing Knightmon and destroyed the first Destiny Stone. While finding the third Destiny Stone, Paildramon and Silphymon attempted to fight back, but BlackWarGreymon was too powerful. Patamon Digivolved to Angemon, then Digivolved again to MagnaAngemon to confront BlackWarGreymon. MagnaAngemon then attempts to seal BlackWarGreymon away in the Gate Of Destiny, but BlackWarGreymon quickly avoids the gate and destroys the third Destiny Stone. While Ikakkumon, Submarimon, MegaSeadramon, and several Dolphmon were guarding the sixth Destiny Stone, they lauched their assault attacks on BlackWarGreymon, as well as Paildramon, Silphymon, and Angemon's combined attacks against him. Cody even tries to convince BlackWarGreymon that he has a heart and refuses to fight him, but BlackWarGreymon didn't listen and destroyed the sixth Destiny Stone. After T.K. and Cody became great friends, Angemon and Ankylomon DNA Digivolved into Shakkoumon to help out Paildramon and Silphymon defeat BlackWarGreymon. They were finally able to defeat BlackWarGreymon and save the last Destiny Stone. After the Digidestined at last defeated BlackWarGreymon, Azulongmon was freed and revealed himself and BlackWarGreymon disappeared into a black hole. BlackWarGreymon's Return and RevengeEditLater, BlackWarGreymon returned to the Real World for revenge. Tai Warp-Digivolved Agumon to WarGreymon to come face to face with BlackWarGreymon. Imperialdramon even intervened and he and WarGreymon defeated BlackWarGreymon with a combined blast. After the battle was over, BlackWarGreymon redeemed himself briefly until the Oikawa-possesed Myotismon fataly wounded BlackWarGreymon, and sacrificed himself to give his power to the Digital World.AttacksEditTerra Destroyer: Simular to WarGreymon's Terra Force, except he creates negative energy, concentrates in one spot, then fires it.Dramon DestroyerBlack Tornado: He begins to spin, becomes a tornado, and rushes at his enemy.ProfileEditA Virus-attributed WarGreymon who is feared as the "Jet-Black Dragon Warrior". He is the true opposite of WarGreymon, a member of the "Virus Busters" who exists to serve under 'Justice', and thus has a warped creed and principles. This Digimon doesn't consider vulgar beings of the same Virus attribute his allies because he hates unfairness and the mean-hearted. It's a mystery as to how he became a Virus counterpart, and the Crest of Courage that was once carved onto the "Brave Shield" his back is equipped with has vanished. His special attack of "Dark Gaia Force" is virtually the same as WarGreymon's "Gaia Force", but with one large difference: he centralizes all the 'negative emotions' that exist in the world, then fires it at the enemy.

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