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Black Forge is a storyline that is set on a post-apocalyptic, alternate earth where humanity has fallen under its own weight: the fears and greed of the human race. All hope and dreams of humanity are nothing but dust against the weight of eons, all that is left is nothing but a dwindling handful of relentless humans, and the echoes of a once proud civilization.


It is the year 3213, Earth has fallen. Death is all that remains. The apocalypse is over, and life itself now all but extinct. Only the very strongest struggle to survive in the cruel wastes, accompanied by only the echoes of a once great, proud civilisation. In the final days before world was swallowed up, the planet was slowly being scorched away by the greed of humanity, the starving, desperate remnants of the nation's armies fighting upon the barren earth stripped of nutrients and minerals, innocent men and women representing the leaders of the nations, bickering upon each other, all oblivious to the ever-increasing chaos around them. Now, the last surviving humans are denying their sadness and lost hope, deciding to spend all their energy to rebuild humanity, but are ever threatened by the constant shadow of mutated and misshapen horrors of the wastelands. An epic struggle as brave new heros and rogues alike battle with the twisted mutant horrors of the scorched Earth.

Examples of some articles

Story: Pitch Darkness

James Morrigon's Story

The tunnels I stepped through were grimy and sodden. I couldn't see far, and only a burning torch shed light upon my cramped surroundings. Any minute now, a cave-in could trap me again, perhaps permanently this time, with no other way out. I, James Morrigon couldn't let that happen, and so it was of vital importance that I reached my destination quickly. My robes flapped their torn ends around my legs, and the armour I wore weighed me down, but I would continue. I must, if my goals were to be achieved. I had heard rumours, stories of humans discovering an ancient and impenetrable citadel beneath the soil. It had taken me days to lock its location down, but now I could find it myself. I only hoped I would arrive before any other human discovered its existence. If they did, my task upon this world might never succeed...

Article: The Arcos Storm Hammers

The Arcos Storm hammers are an elite group of highly advanced and secretive military personal who are pledged to protect Arcos City and the surrounding land from the mutants and other hazards that stalk the blighted nightmare of a landscape which makes up most of former human territory now. The Hammers are a

A "Hydrus Belathon" Suit.

result of the Z.E.U.S (Zenith of Evolving Unit Security) Project where a group of human engineers and genetists were hired by varoius governments to create a new, powerful elite class of super mech-warriors designed to lay waste across planets and spearhead spaceship boarding actions against vessels. The Project began in 2978 and its purpose was to create these warriors who were originally to lead invasion and expansion forces thoughout the galaxy to expand human power and influence by founding colonies on a variety of worlds. Ultimately during the Fall the project was seized and controlled by America and European Empire shortly after the Chinese Republic withdrew their support to continue their own Red Star project. Volunteers where taken from the special forces of the various governments and experimented on. The first results were failures as candidates violently rejected genetic and mechanical implants, the first attempts to fuse a warrior into his or her exoskeleton were disasterous as the electronic and genetic piloting systems overloaded, frying the candidates nervous system. After four years of frustratingly little progress, a virus was discovered that unlocked the potential of a host's genetic material allowing him or her to alter parts of their body and mass produced combat stimulents and hormones, as well gaining additional senses such as detecting electrical impulses of s target's nervous system, somewhat simular to sharks. This virus was captured and bred and was eventully engineered to sync with a host's brain allowing the virus to become part of the host and therefore controllable. This ultimately solved the problems surrounding the fusing of a warrior into an exoskeleton. Afterwards giant robotic battlesuits and devastating biological and energy weapons were developed for these warriors to use, the virus itself was called the Colossus Strand.

The first batch of fully functioning warriors were created 23 years after the project was conceived and were engaged in rigourous training excerises for a standard 30 months, where the recruits got used to their new abilites and suits. These first warriors of whom 155 had volunteered, 97 had survived their implants and proceeded to finish their training. Their first mission against Russian forces (who had started a major war against the USA, who in turn were a massive contributator to the Z.E.U.S Project) was initially successful as hundreads of the Russian troopers were killed or driven off from Mecurary, however during a last act of defiance, the Russians detonated bombs in the mantle of the planet as the battle waged on. This caused a chain reaction that destroyed the planet, only half of the mech-warriors managed to escape alive, now baptised in fire, they returned home and engaged in a new program of engineering and implants. At the height of their glory, shortly before mankind collasped on itself the mech-warriors now called Chimeras numbered 45000 as implantation procedures were advanced and mass production of implants and their insertsion became availble.

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