This is taken from A Chipmunk Christmas.


  • Mike Nawrocki: Here's the reel we showed on Black Friday, before we reenvisioned Alvin's character. This takes place when Theodore interviews Lawrence, Alvin's ego.
  • (TV static)
  • Theodore: Merry Larry, what happened? To your fan days?
  • Merry Larry: What happened to my fan days? Let me tell you. (flashback) A loving person brought the three of us here. We thought we might have something, so we decided to put together the number one grooviest animal group ever: "The Chipmunks!" We started getting big. We got popular so quickly! And I was so young! It was so much-- the fans, the fame, the fortune, the headlines... You should have seen them. They said I was "Brilliant", and "The Best Harmonica Player that Ever Lived!" I let it all go to my head. They assumed to newspapers to fall outta the sky! At the height of the group's success, (crowd cheers as he speaks this message) we got very rich.
  • Theodore: I guess everyone likes you!
  • Merry Larry: I wanted all the spotlight. So, we went on a big cross-country trip. Like always. Perform and do shows for people in different towns and cities. I was the best harmonica player in the business! Had more than 50+ hit singles. So, I became an elf. Look at my attire. I'm also dressed like one. Yes, I know the guys didn't want me to leave, but I didn't care. I was very selfish. But after all my success, I couldn't shake the fact that I did it by hurting my friends. I tried to go back, but... they wouldn't have me.
  • Theodore: Well, you gave your harmonica away to sick Trevor, so that's a good thing.
  • Merry Larry: I know.
  • (TV static)
  • David Seville: (knocking on the Chipmunks' door) I've warned you, Alvin! This happens when you give up your overindulgence of music.
  • Merry Larry: It gives me heartbeating.
  • David Seville: It also gives you earworms.
  • Merry Larry: (opening door) I don't need that silly old costume. (goes downstairs, and opens closet door. As he does, a pile of clothes, books, and a few other things tumble onto Merry Larry, as well as shattering glass)
  • David Seville: Do you know how hard it was to...
  • (Cut to the exterior of the Seville house)
  • David Seville: ...get out there and do something weird?
  • (Shattering glass)
  • David Seville: That's it! I'm locking my door.
  • Simon: Take it easy, man.
  • Theodore: Don't take it out on Mr. David, Lawrence.
  • Merry Larry: Woah. That's what I call a fixer-upper.

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