The black rhinoceros (aka. the Black Rhino) is an endangered rhinoceros that is classified as a member of Perissodactyla (aka. Odd-Toed Hoofed Mammals.) It's horn is made out of a mass of fibres attatched to the rhino's snout, and is simialr to fingernails and hooves.

File:Black Rhinocerous

Average size

The black rhinoceros grows up to twelve feet long and six feet high, weighing up to three thousand pounds. It sounds to be quite fat, but it relly isn't.


The main predator for the black rhinoceros (well, practically all rhino, but mainly the black) is man. Poaches kill rhino to illeagally sell their horns. Certain parts of rhino horns are used for medicinal and cultral reasons. Several years ago, the horn was made into drinking cups that were believed to have detected poison.

In area's around China, the horn is used as a cure for fever. But study has shown that this medical procedure isnn't medical at all. In a Middle Eastern country called Yemen, the horn is used to make ceremonial knife handles. These are called jambiyas, and were worn by young men. These predators think that the best way to do these things is to drive the black rhino to extinction.

Thankfully, the country of Yemen I mentioned earlier, has stopped this craze. But unfortunately the high prices of the rhino horn encourage the horrible events.

Conservation of protection

The following efforts are being made to save the black rhinocerous;

- Rhino are being taken away from dangerous areas to safe sanctuaries so that those pricks (the poaches) can't find them.

- Protection to the black rhino is in progress and penalties to poaches are getting harsher.

- Persuastion against using rhino horn as a medicine.

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