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Black Templars : The Latrocinium

The Black Templars were formed in January of 2006 by the infamous mercenary Xenos Mortium, based just outside of Eterbury, England. Soon after the group was founded, a small number of soldiers, mercenaries, and those of other similar professions flocked to him, and it became a mercenary group proper. Their mission statement is as follows:

Now is a time and age of chaos, of any multitude of militaries and other self-proclaimed bastions of power. They all strive for power, to prove that they are better than their rivals, be they mafias, mercenaries, or even powerful militaries. They make petty alliances and make war amongst each other, for ends known only to themselves. Few real bastions of power exist, and they worry themselves not with anyone else. We are here to make a difference. We are here to change the current standings power in this land. We are here to stake out our claims to honor, to glory.

We are the elite of the military world. In the ever changing landscape of the battlefield, battles are no longer fought by standing armies, so when militaries require a strike team, they will now often call upon mercenaries to handle the job. That's where we come in.

We are the Black Templars; the Latrocinium. We consist only of those who have had previous combat experience and are on the rise to become the elite of undercover military operations. We ourselves are not a military, but are in the employment of any military or organization that is in need of our services.


The mercenary group holds a rank structure similar to that of the British Army, there are less ranks overall, which theoretically makes each rank upgrade more important than it would in the British military. However, promotions at low ranks have been known to be easier to attain, with higher ranks usually only attainable with exploits in combat environments. This means that many members are likely to have higher ranks after a good deal of time, most being at a Sergeant rank, unlike most modern and historical militaries.

An interesting note is the the highest rank held by any active member is Colonel, the rank held by Xenos Mortium, the founder. Interestingly also, Nezume who has not once been seen by any member of the mercenary group (barring Mortium) holds the rank of Marshal, the highest attainable rank. The highest rank yet attained by any member who has joined the group since its founding is Carlos Sanchez, the only Sergeant.

The rankings are as follows:

Officers: Marshal, General, Brigadier, Colonel, Lt. Colonel, Major, Captain, Lieutenant, Lance Lieutenant

Enlisted Troops: Warrant Officer, Sergeant Major, Senior Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Sergeant Corporal, Lance Corporal, Private, Initiate


The Black Templars are home to more than one member who has accomplished feats or lifestyles most people could only dream of. For a full list of members and links to their individual profiles, look here: Black Templars Members

History of the Latrocinium

Black Templars Timeline

While created in 2006, the idea and reasoning behind the Latrocinium dates back far beyond that. Between the years 2000 and 2003, the mercenary group that Colonel Xenos Mortium was previously affiliated with was in large decimated, few allegidly surviving the conflict. Quite literally broken and battered, Xenos was found by Nezume, who was not yet known as such. Details further about the topic are unknown, but they departed ways, and later Mortium would come to have an extensive base contructed in the quaint shire of Eterbur. His motives for founding a mercenary group are unknown, but it is speculated that he by nature is a violent individual and wished to further his exploits across third world countries.

In January of 2006 the doors to the Black Templars were officially open, and it wasn't before long that a few staggered in, either contacted by Xenos or finding their own way over. They ran through three phases of training in the cold of winter. The first consisted of running an obstacle course and then fighting with the Colonel himself in close combat, the second phase was a shooting range where they displayed their proficiency with firearms, and the third was a team based paintball match where the teams had to retrieve a weighted dummy from the other side.

Later, with the onset of summer, the Latrocinium was called into a conflict in the African nation of Senegal. They were hired by the government to help quell rebellious factions who threatened to overthrow the government. However, due to strict limitations of press in the conflict, little is known of their involvement at this time. More will be updated once it is known.

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