The Black Templars : The Latrocinium as a mercenary guild set in the modern world, hosted in a guild on Gaiaonline, currently run by Xenos Mortium and me=me (Carlos Sanchez).

History of the Templars

While the current story places the mercenary as being founded in December of 2006, the guild itself was was established on Thursday, July 28, 2005. Relatively new to Gaia, Xenos Mortium and his then girlfriend Himi_Firestarter wanted to create a guild together, but of what they could not decide. They both enjoyed roleplaying, and after the failure of a previous guild they were in, the Gun Fighters Asscociation, they decided to try and make a new mercenary group that had some meritt.

Taking heavy influence from the Brotherhood of Steel, they set off brainstorming, laying out rules, and making threads. By August 2nd the guild was already up and running, accepting new members. Many of the original members had come from either the Gun Fighters Association or the Brotherhood of Steel, with a few new members, but the guild quickly came together to become a family of sorts.

The Original Templars

The guild was originally strucutred greatly different than it is today, organized first and formost into four sperate divisions. The four divisions were Infantry, Spec Ops, Espionage, and Non-Combatants, and their division entailed their profession and how they would be a part of the guild. Interestingly, each division only had but four ranks, each with a special title accompanying it. However, this was soon abandoned in favour or a more militaristic ranking system, tanking influence from the United States army, barring that there are much fewer ranks, and that the rank of Marshal, a British rank, supercedes all others.

There are officially three roleplays that the guild has hosted from the time of its creation to the time of reform and recreation. The first of which, titled "Kein Mitleid", taking place in Bavaria, pitting the young Templars against a German mafia known as the Teutons. Being one of his earlier roleplays, Xenos did not put much thought into its creation, and there is little detail of setting, background, or any other pertinant information. While it was a nice chance for the guild to flex it's proverbial roleplaying muscle, it ended up being a failure, due to members of the guild being obscene with their spawning of enemies and hastily taking them, including at least two tanks with a sniper rifle. One may point out that it is ridiculous for a mafia to own tanks, and it is. After that point, the roleplay was quickly shut down.

The second roleplay was titled "Insurgency", taking place in an oppressive Slovenia. A ethinic minority that was being opressed had contact with a member of the guild, and so the Templars came to their aid. This roleplay had even less information displayed, but a little more in the way of a plot and storyline planned out. However, not much more was done in the RP other than to make an impromptu assault on a feighter.

The third and final roleplay before the guild was reformed was actually more of a last ditch effort to provide for the members who desperately needed something to do, while the leaders could not provide for them, and it was titled "Hau Ruck" to reflect this. It was a simple concept, diverging from the current story of the guild. They were to imagine if none of them had known each other before, and all arrived in a war-torn city, almost in anarchy. It gave everyone an opportunity to interact for a little bit, but soon fell inactive, and was closed. At this point the guild was completely locked down and re-made.

Reformation and the New Templars

At the end of November in 2006, Xenos had become fed up with the current state of the guild, and deciding that if the guild was to survive, it would need drastic reform, and would have to be completely torn apart and rebuilt from the ashes. This time the guild would be remade to be much more organized, and take a heavy influence from the military of the Warhammer 40K guild, which Xenos helped to create. Also, he had experience in a Star Wars roleplay (Star Wars Evolution) where there was an extensive profile review and acceptance process. Both of these things, the Brotherhood of Steel once more, and through his experience with the guild thusfar, the guild began to take shape as it is today.

The guild moreso than ever was now focused on roleplaying, and made it a serious affair. All profiles would have to be submitted and graded by Xenos himself, who would take no expense to make sure that the characters seemed real, and were to the guild's standards. Additionally, three phases of training where set up to test the skill of the roleplayers and give any corrections that needed to be made. The first consisted of running an obstacle course and then fighting with the Colonel himself in close combat, which would gage their general writing skill and close combat roleplaying. The second phase was a shooting range where they displayed their proficiency with firearms, to make sure that they could realistically roleplay shooting, and to make sure that they knew the limitations of their firearms. The third was a team based paintball match where the teams had to retrieve a weighted dummy from the other side. This has not yet been completed, and is to show the roleplayers ability to interact with and against other roleplayers.

There has since been one roleplay, which has been leagues better than the previous ones. It takes place in the African nation of Senegal and has a loose storyline shaped out. While there were still remnants of the spawning and killing problems that previously plagued their roleplays, once Xenos took direct control, it has in large dissapated. Moreso than ever the writers have shown character development and interaction, and their preformance has been comendable.

Future of the Templars

The guild since it's reformation has been in much better shape, though now suffers from a rash of inactivity. Measures have been set in place with the onset of 2008 to make sure that members remain active, and the guild should become only better from this point on. More active members beget more interaction and more things to do, and as such should only become more active.

Once the current roleplay has been completed, another is certianly sure to follow, and should hopefully be even more fun than the current one. In addition, hopefully the guild shall one day actually enter combat against another guild and give it an actual reason to be infamous.

Other Roleplays

There have been other notable roleplays taking place within the guild, particularily the Psychosele series and the current DOOM roleplay.

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