BlackcatRin is one of the Fanfiction Authors Fighters, sworn to defend against threats of the Darksides and their leader, Drake Darkstar. She's voice by Brina Palecia. (Voiced Priscilla from Claymore). Her theme song is Everything Burns by Anastacia ft.Ben Moody


Joining the Author Fighters

After four years, Rin joined the Fanfiction Authors Fighters led by DarkMagicianmon and part of Team Daiklave, consiting of Hurricane's Quill and Jean Kazuhiza. Rin is sometime shy, but she can be serious at battle, you usually find her in the library or her room, reading and likes listen to music(J-pop, Spanish, sometime metal).


Rin has long elbow-length red hair, grey eyes, pale skin, wears a long sleeve black dress, knee length boots and has a sword strapped behind her back. She laters gains the other sword she left behind. When she used her fire powers, her eyes becomes red and silted.

In the Neo Authors, she's around her mid twenties, her hair grown to her knees, wears a dark leather outfit (like Irene's from Claymore) with leather fingerless gloves that goes up to her elbows two swords straped behind her back and light-colored ragged cloak.

Fire Warrior form: Appears wearing close fitting black shirt and pants, slightly high heeled metal boots, large metal wrist guards, large shoulder pieces and fauld, her sword is covered in fire.


Fire & Wind: Rin have both control for both elements. She can able to combine these two into a powerful attack, like she did against Borealis in AntiTL's Wrath.
Windcutter: Rin draws her sword at lighting fast speed and uses the wind around her to attack her enemies
Sword Skills: She knows how to fight with the sword and defense herself with it.


Before Rin join the Author Fighters, she suffered three injuries to her body.

Kamen Rider Shuki

Kamen Rider Shuki

Kamen Rider Shuki

Rin acquired her Kamen Rider form from Blood Lord Dark Kiva. Her weapon is harp and she can use it in two ways, by pulling the strings creating energy arrows to shoot at her enemies or plays the strings to create energy waves. She also uses a Firebird shikigami in her Kamen Rider form and normal form for attacks or trying to locate someone. ''Shuki means "Bloodied Demon."

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