These trees have sharp, broad-bladed leaves which grow at the ends of strong branches. The leaves themselves are as hard as rock and equivalent to a sharpened stone axe if used as a makeshift weapon. Unfortunately, Mauristatian Wraith Apes have learnt to use these leaves as such, and can add 1 to their SKILL score if so armed.

Wraith Ape with Blade Tree leaf

Wraith Ape with Blade Tree leaf.

Blade Trees are relatively common and anyone walking through such a section of forest containing them has a 5 in 12 chance of unknowingly rubbing themselves against the leaves of the Blade Tree. Anyone cut by a Blade Tree must roll one die and consult the following table to determine the extent of damage they suffer.

1Minor cut: lose 1 STAMINA point
2Gash on the arm: lose 2 STAMINA points
3Gash on the leg: lose 2 STAMINA points
4Serious injury: cannot use sword-arm (-2 SKILL and lose 2 STAMINA)
5Blinded: cannot fight (-3 SKILL and lose 4 STAMINA)
6Neck slashed: death


The hardened, stone-like texture of the Blade Tree leaves may be a defence against small but voracious Wood Beetles. In addition, Blade Trees may be related to similar plants such as the Blade Bush of Bone Island, the Sword Trees of Scorpion Swamp, and the Axeplant of Solani Island[Non-canon]

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