There is no crime in and their huge perimeter are watched by CctvCameras on a 24hour basis. There is no reason why open streets can't do the same. BR Top of the range PTZ camera heads ensure total 24-hour surveillance of the 12km perimeter. Biometric fingerprint access and a CCTV surveillance system will ensure diligent control at the access points.

.... After long negotiations with Telkom we will be implementing a fibre point-to-point telecommunication backbone in the estate which will provide fibre optic cabling to every homestead within the Estate. This will be one of the first "SMART VIL LAGES" in the world.

As I explained under LegalPerspective there is nothing to discuss or "negotiate" about with Telkom. All Blairatholl needs to do is get a stable Telkom Diginet and SateLlite connection anywhere in a radius of 10km and MeshNetworking to it.

Fiber security

A fiber mesh is installed under ground or on a fence that if one touches, bends or cuts it an alarm is triggered. (Look up reference)

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