Blanky Throws a Tantrum (An The Brave Little Toaster, Monsters Inc Crossover)

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  • Narrator: One day, Blanky, Toaster, Kirby, Radio, Lampy went to the video store. When Blanky saw a 1987 VHS of Lady and the Tramp, but it happened.
  • Blanky: Can I have it?
  • Toaster: No, Blanky, and it is a phony.
  • Kirby: You can't buy to our VHS.
  • Radio and Lampy: What?!
  • Blanky: But, but... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
  • Radio and Kirby: YOU MUST DIE!
  • Narrator: The next day, Blanky, Kirby, Toaster, Radio, Lampy went to the toy store. When Blanky saw a Quantum Leap in Turbo Twist Math.
  • Blanky: Can I have it?
  • Kirby: No, Blanket.
  • Toaster: But it's hard to find.
  • Blanky: WHAAAAAAAAA!
  • Radio: That's it! You are gonna get the spanking, right now!
  • Blanky: NOOOOOOOOO!
  • Waternoose: You are under arrest, Blanky!
  • Mike: What's going on?
  • Blanky: (Cries) No! This can't be!
  • Sulley: Alright, Boo. Let's get wrapping up my toilet paper.
  • Boo: Kitty!
  • Blanky: No, no, no! (muffles) Help!
  • Mike: That's it! We're going to drop off the molten lava!
  • Sulley: Come on!
  • Toaster and Kirby: Wait for me!
  • Randall: Yes, sir!
  • Narrator: Later, the Blanky and friends into the dodgeball.
  • Blanky: I can't go with that breathe!
  • Kirby: What are you doing?
  • Waternoose: 3... 2... 1...
  • Mike, Sulley, Waternoose: CHARGE!
  • Radio, Lampy, Kirby: HUH?!
  • Fungus, Randall: DIE, BLANKIE, DIE!
  • Blanky: (Balls hits, and falls into the lava) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! TOASTER!
  • Toaster: BLANKY!!
  • Waternoose: Cut! What's going on? That's why supposed to be will Blanky gets defeated him.
  • Blanky: (Cries) You killed him! Aaah!
  • Celia: How do you get, 10 years.
  • Blanky: NOT TEN YEARS!
  • Celia: YES! TEN YEARS!
  • Roz: Forever. Good bye.
  • Waternoose: Okay, guys. Were watching Lady and the Tramp?
  • Everyone: Yes.
  • Toaster: Oh, no! You killed Blanky! This can't be!
  • Radio: You got something to tell ya, it's like a spider-freak.
  • Kirby: Is it over?
  • Boo: (giggles)
  • Mike: I can't believe yourself, gets Blanky will defeat him.

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