Blazing Fist

Blazing Fist causes Fire damage. You must be in a Drunkenness state to cast this spell.

What it does...

  • Level 1 damage: 7-11, Critical: 9-13, AP: 5.
  • Level 2 damage: 8-12, Critical: 10-14, AP: 5.
  • Level 3 damage: 9-13, Critical: 11-15, AP: 4.
  • Level 4 damage: 9-14, Critical: 11-16, AP: 4.
  • Level 5 damage: 10-15, Critical: 12-17, AP: 3.

At all levels Critical Hit Probability is 1/50 and Critical Failures are 1/100.

Current Bugs

  • Level 6 has exactly the same stats as level 5 of this spell.

Is it useless...

For an INT based panda this will be your primary attacking spell for more levels then you could care to play. While it is good, its damage tends to stagnate in mid levels.

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