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Kulturtreff Bleiweiss

It is in Nuremberg, near the tram station Harsdoerferplatz. It offers some courses, and something more. I'll call only what i thick is really useful.


  • NLP ( Neuso-Lynguistic Programming)
Leaded by the Dialog "corporation?" ( german: Verein) in rooms of Bleiweiss. In russian language.
  • Kinesiology
Don't really understand what it is - something about health and so on. Perhaps it will end - let's wait and see... In german language.
  • German Language Course
A course of German language for women who just arrived in Germany and don't speak german very well. In german language ;) . For turkish, black women... but don't know if russian speaking women are welcome there. While a women is i the course, some kind of babysitter lookes at her baby - so that everything is OK.
  • On Febrary 2008, the 22th, there will be an event from the Dialog. In russian language.

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