An Awareness-based Hopeful deck.

The Nightmares hold no fear for you.

The Touched in your ranks know the dreaming better than the Nightmares do. You can shut off thier avenues of attack with discards and Anchor abilites.


Anchor Initiation - Bound to this world by love, as a ship is Anchored to the shore.

When you complete this Objective, Attach it to any Character. Attached Character is considered an Anchor.

"Ms. Smi... Sara... why did you pick me for Anchor training now? I know I always had the potential, but the timing is odd." I was afraid that the answer was going to be...

"Gabriel does seem rather attached to you."

Naturally, that was the answer. Damn it. "In much the same way that a barnacle attaches to any passing whale, yes," I muttered.

The Uchyume Protocols - (circle) etar' (star) azader' (heart) chogori (moon) luha








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