Random nattering at this point.

Going to be character heavy. Veeeeery character heavy. Lots of Touched, in the sense of "Blissed Out people massively bad-touched by the Aliens."

Whereas CoC has characters with a ton of subtypes - Child / Eager / Driven / Touched is Yosei Tsukino -

this will have simply:

Child / Touched,

Teenager / Touched,

and the dreaded Adult / Touched.

Symbolism. We do it with anvils here.



Rekindle The Flame - The spark is gone. But not the candle.

Cost: 7 Bliss

Objective - Wisdom

Hope: 4, for Awareness

Difficulty: 24

(The "Wisdom" subtype is considered to be the same as the "Scientific" subtype and vice versa.)

When any player Attempts to Complete this objective, they must pick a Touched Character under their Control.

When any player Fails any Attempt to Complete this Objective, deal 5 Stress to that Touched Character.

When any player Completes this Objective, attach it to that Touched Character. The Attached Character is at + 1 Trust in all Outgoing Relationships and is no longer considered Touched.


I stopped. Was this another trick? Was she still gone, replaced by Apeiron?

"(...Jie? Jie, my baby, what have I done? What happened to me?!)"

I started to cry, then hugged her as tight as I could, saying over and over: "Fong sam. Fong sam -" It's okay. It's gonna be okay.

New Beginnings Mental Health Center - Promoting Familial Bliss since 2008

At the beginning of each player's Briefing Action, Thier Nightmare has a Character you control Act until such time as you BLOW THE LIVING SHIT out of the NBMHC.

Radio Free Childhood - Brought to you by that equipment we stole from Mr. Bonecutters' shop class.

After you complete this Objective, you may pick any character under your control who cannot Act. When you do, you must have another Character and this Objective Act. Then the Character you Picked may Act once more, this turn.

I turned on the mike. "This is (sigh) Lychee of Radio Free Childhood, podcasting around the web, around the clock to all children and children at heart who think that New Beginnings is so full of bullshit that thier eyes are brown, and reminding you all to RESIST THE MOTHERFUCKING BLISS! Coming up next: how to turn your PSP into a Portable Scanner and Phreaker and upload pr0n onto Iron Maiden's computer. But first, get a load of the pack of "Lies" by your favorite band and mine, Arcade Fire."

I turned on that song, off the mike, and to glare at Brendan, who was giggling. Essy gave him and Brea a high-five.

"I am going to KILL you for that DJ callsign after we kick Apeiron back to the dreaming, 'Sailor Moon,'" I reminded him.

- Jie "Andy" Lam


Knights (Pilots)

Versions of the Final Act doods, remixed as needed. Genders and roles CERTIANLY swapped.

So, therefore:

Brendan James Preston, Knight of the Moon (Sara Smith swapped with Josh to make a male Innocent Sweetheart).

Essy Smith, Knight of the Heart (Josh Preston swapped with Sara to make a female Devoted (to Brendan) Lover. Also, with that name, SO very, very Black).

Andy "Jie" Lam, Knight of the Star (Anna Lin swapped with Keenan Caine into a male Carefree Hedonist: Lam instead of Lin as it's Cantonese).

Brea Caine, Knight of the Circle (Keenan swaps with Anna to make a Rising Hero).

Squires (Anchors)



Kekkai no Yume - "Your battle is with me alone, Nightmare!"

Cost: 4 Bliss


When you play this card, this Attempt, ignore all Stress and Trauma inflicted to Characters and Relationships other than the Attempting Pilots. (This effect is immediate and persists until the end of the Attempt, or until an effect telling you to ignore it resolves, whichever comes first.)

The hideous thing grinned razor fangs, and lunged for Derek.

"Kekkai no Yume!" I screamed. A bubble of radiant, opalescent energy - almost like a soap bubble - formed around me and the Nightmare, which ricocheted painfully off the wall.

"Pick on someone your own size," I snarled. "Tatiana, Queen of Dreams, hear your Knight's humble plea!..."


It's Happy Cat! - Nightmare Fuel Unleaded

You must pick any Character under the Attempting player's control.

That Character cannot Act, this turn.

"Happy Cat is on if you have nothing to do," Derek said in that creepy monotone.

I tried not to visibly shake. "...Um, I have homework to do. Essy's tutoring me."

-Brendan Smith

Dirty Thoughts Are Bad - Are you a good boy, Andy? Don't you dare lie to me.

You must pick any Relationship to a Character that cannot Act.

Deal an amount of Stress to that Relationship equal to your Intimacy in that Relationship.

"You've been seeing that terrible Brea girl again," Mom said in the usual Bliss-tinged voice.

"Just a sleepover," I lied, trying not to be visibly nervous. "Brendan and Essy were..."

"At home, you lying sack of shit!"


"Twinkle Shift," I whispered, and I flickered from the room to the front lawn, hitting the ground running, tracing the Sign of the Star in the air, praying to Kwan-Yin and to Tatiana that I would transform before Mother or any other adult could catch me.

- Jie "Andy" Lam


No Longer There - "...Jie... that's not your mother. Not anymore."

Cost: 3 Bliss


You must attach this card to any Character. When a Touched character they have a Relationship with is Destroyed, you do not Attach Trauma to the Attached Character's side of the Relationship.

" are a terrible son, Andrew." She stepped towards me, prodding my chest. I didn't budge.

Damn, it hurt.

"You are a failure, a disobedient, sinful son who fucked some hideous gwailo girl without thought of the family. You mean nothing to me!"

I closed my eyes and sighed. "...coming from Mom, that would have hurt. But from you, Apeiron? Sticks and stones."

Starter Deck

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