It says something that the set symbol is this: 0_o; Consider yourself VERY lucky if you don't get these jokes.

All of these are absolutely NOT legal for tournament play.

1: Haruhi Suzumia - " Absolutely NOT, Bliss Authority!"

A Bliss Tracker / authority figure card with no effect. ...actually is tourney legal, come to that. XD

2: Solar Exaltation - clean and renewable source of magical power

Interlude. X Bliss = + X power that turn.
"A hero? Me? No, I am just doing what the Unconquered Sun wills. Should you feel his touch, I am sure you would do the same."
- Heather of Fire and Gold, Zenith Caste

3: Memetic Badass - actual play turned to fanfic, and fanfic to legend

Tactic. Say that "(This Pilot) is so BADASS, he..." to increase their power by 7.
Keenan Caine is so BADASS he got his Anchor pregnant JUST BY KISSING HER.

4: karen / megan - caesys daughter

anker. place a trauma on karen / megan and her ahncord pilot is immune to stress this attempt. this shud be frased "ignore all stress to that pilot, this attempt" but rly, you xpect the auther of caesys daughter to care?
- Tigerbunny

5: Het Vanilla Sex - that's disgusting

Interlude. Attach to a Relationship between characters everyone can agree are of the opposite sex with no Trauma. Attached Relationship is at +5 Intimacy.
"I don't know. It turned ME on." - AstraKiseki

6: Abyssal Exaltation - Oh snap. There goes the campaign.

Interlude. Attached character gains +2X Power, where X = the amount of Trauma they currently have.
"Everything I do... everywhere I go... I curse your name. My existence is dedicated to you - my hatred of you. If someone else was to take you from Creation, I wouldn't be able to go on."
- Emotional Child, Dreamer of The Fifth Gate of Intimacies.

7: Crossover Campaign - But Only If you fall into eternal slumber.

Objective, 15 difficulty, 2 Hope for Awareness. When completed, pick any card you own in any OTHER TCG and put it into play under your control as a Pilot. The first digit of the first number of it's stats becomes it's Outgoing Intimacy in every direction: the first digit of the second number of it's stats becomes it's Trust (which is 1 if that number doesn't exist).
"I cannot fail! The heart of the cards is entwined with my heart and Tea's! I just need ONE CARD!"
- Yugi Moto, Eager Young Soldier

8: Giga Drill Breaker - Just a tad Freudian

Tactic. Pick a Pilot with at least one Relationship at 7+ Int. You complete the mission, period. Right then.
"Wow. I'd hate to be drilled by that thing... what's with that look, Viral?"
- Yokho, Driven Anchor to Simon Digger

9: Mambo Intimacy 5 - A little bit of Meredith in the sun...

Tactic. Pick a Pilot, that Pilot gains X2 power this turn, where X is the number of Rels they have to Charas in play.
"...a little bit of Anna, all night long!"
"A little bit of Yukiko by my side!"
"A little bit of Laura for the ride!"
"A little bit of Sara--"
"--you can officially SHUT THE FUCK UP now, Keenan!"
- Keenan Caine, as interrupted by Joshua Preston

10: Hawt Yaoi Action - the joys of female players naming Anchors

Interlude. Attach to a Relationship between characters everyone can agree are both male. Attached Relationship is at +5 Intimacy.
"...that explains why you prefer lances in ANIMa combat. Do you have anything of REAL importance to tell me, Lieutenant Preston?"
- Commander Jim Preston

11: Hawt Lesbian Sexxors - there's something to be said for an all male game too

Interlude. Attach to a Relationship between characters everyone can agree are both female. Attached Relationship is at +5 Intimacy.
"I'm so sorry, Josh... I'm so ashamed... I'm so... so... so trying to figure out how not to sing I Kissed A Girl in the course of this apology."
- Anna "Jie" Lin

12: Psycho Lunar Ex-Lover: - from the First Age... I mean the Wyld... I mean from HELL.

Character. 3 / 1 up and left, 3 / -1 to a minimum of zero down and right. You may attach any other character to to give it that chara's special abilities. Including being a Pilot or Anchor.
"...Oh, may a Fair One fuck me sideways then grow teeth on that mouth, that DOES it. She is OFF my list of Anchor names."

13: Jyunsenkyo Curse - Okay, now the aliens are just adding insult to injury

Nightmare. Attach to any Attempting Pilot. Any Nightmare can spend 3 Terror to change the current gender of that Pilot to it's opposite. The controller of that Pilot may gain 2 Bliss to return that Pilot to it's original gender.
"Okay, that alien'll be hurtin' for a while. Slap the abort and have some hot water handy, Acchan."
- Ranma Saotome, Rising Hero

14: Ranma Saotome - If it has martial arts in it he can win at it

Heroic Pilot. Begins play as a male. You may gain 3 Terror to change him into a female. You may gain 2 Bliss to change him into a male. Increase his printed Trust by +1 in all directions when female. Increase his printed Intimacy in all directions by +1 when male.
"...If I don't make it, Akane... you're an un-cute tomboy."
"...remind me why I agreed to Anchor you? Jerk."

15: Akane Tendo - No relation to Yukiko. Honest

Tempestuous Anchor. Any time her relationship to her Pilot would take any amount of Stress, you may have her Act to re-direct that Stress to her Anchored Pilot.

16: Wildly Out Of Character - Jon needing to be slapped about cheating. ...JON, for Christ's sake!

Interlude. Destroy any Interlude.
Sara: Eeew. She sparkles more than I do.
Jon: Congrats. You've just destroyed the entire point of my character by having him be a two-timing bastard with the biggest Mary Sue in the history of fiction.
Lloyd: Lily and Celine.
Jon: ...Shut the fuck up, Lloyd.

- Resistance Science Theater 108 on "caesys daughter"

17: Judicious Retcon - Get your Purity Sue out of my FTAGHN! game!

Nightmare. Destroy any Character with 15 =< Trust in all their Relationships. Instead of gaining Bliss, the controller gains Bliss equal to thier cost, instead, and no one involved gains Trauma.
(Please not that the original Karen was not a Mary Sue. - Bliss Authority.)

18: Benjamin Lehman - doesn't check his e-mail

Character, Adult, Heroic, Driven
Ben Lehman cannot be Picked for any effects.
"Does he ever check his e-mail, respond to comments in his LJ, or to whispers at Story-Games!?"
"Actually, Bliss Authority, he DOES answer posts to"
(sound of repeated head-desking)
































50: The Maiden Of Serenity - in the name of Venus, you are so FTAGHN! dead

Again, just a joke Bliss Tracker / Authority Figure card. To avoid... legal issues with White Wolf, will take the form of River Tam in a Sailor V costume. With a golden cat with the venus symbol on it's brow. 0_o;

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