Medical Supplies - People get hurt, but with this they'll survive - x 3 (When you complete this Objective, place 3 tokens on this. While you have this Completed Objective under your control, you may remove 2 tokens from it during your Interlude Phase to remove a Trauma from any one Character.)

Samsarol (Karmeprine) - Anonierial Hypnotic Agent x 3 (When you complete this Objective, place 3 tokens on this. While you have this Completed Objective under your control, you may remove 1 token from this card when you would gain any amount of Bliss. When you do, ignore up to 2 of the Bliss you would have gained.)

Scavenging Run - It's amazing what the Blissed have on them x 3 (When you complete this Objective, place a total of 3 tokens on up to three Complete Objectives you control.)

Recruiting Call - Do NOT attack the meeting site x 3 (When you complete this Objective, search your deck for any character. Reveal it to all players. Shuffle your deck. Put that Character on top of your deck.)

Children Of A Newer Day - Think of the people you defend x 2 (When you complete this Objective, treat all Characters as if they have a 1 Intimacy / 1 Trust relationship to this card. If any relationships to this card would ever take any Trauma, destroy it.)



Jessica Simmons - Puppy Eyes x 3

Lloyd Frey - Rising Star x 3

Christopher Reed - Winter Born x 2

Jessica Simmons - Ravenous Wolf x 2

Lloyd Frey - Falling Star x 2


Alice Robinson - Driven by guilt x 3

Thomas Adams - Falling away with you x 2


Amanda Norris - More than patient x 2

Christopher Reed - Zoo Keeper x 2

Tarragon Farah - Hopelessly, he'll love you endlessly x 2

Tina Benjamin - She'll give her support x 2


Subconscious Frame - They cannot scan your hidden thoughts if you have none x 3

Id Mode Unleashed "...Gott in Himmel, what have I done?" x 3


Alien Ace - What the aliens have nightmares about x 3

Falling Upwards - Fall off the Earth, fall into Bliss x 2

Paranoid Fantasies - Kill your friends. KILL YOUR FRIENDS. x 2

Cost: 5 Terror
You must Pick any Attempting Pilot.
This turn, treat the Trust that Pilot has in any and all Relationships as being no higher than their Intimacy in that Relationship. If this means that their Trust
"Do you know what set her off, Dr. Farah?"
"I... have my suspicions, Lloyd, but I cannot be certain..."
-Alien illusions(?) of Lloyd Frey and Dr. Tarragon Farah


How Deep Is Your Heart? - Deep within the darkness? x 3

Cost: 5 Bliss
You must pick any Relationship between Characters.
The Attached Relationship is at +2 Intimacy and +2 Trust.
"I love you," Jessica mumbled, unsure and embarrassed, into Tarragon's chest.
"I love you too, Jessie." Tarragon put his arms around her and held her close. She twitched, but seemed to be forcing herself to relax, so that the moment wouldn't end.
Tarragon sighed. I hope I didn't just lie to her, he thought.

Breaking The Tension - A...are you sure this is alright...? x 3

Cost: 2 Bliss
You must Pick any Character with Trauma. You must have any Character with a Relationship to the Character you picked this way Act.
When you do, remove a Trauma from the Character you picked.
*sigh* "Lloyd... Amanda... you are wearing too much clothing. There is a bed over there. Just have sex already!"
- Alice Robinson, Anchor, to her Pilot Lloyd Frey and his lover Amanda

Letting Go They will leave one day, whether you accept it or not x 2

Cost: 5 Bliss
You must Attach this card to any Relationship with at least one Pilot.
When a Pilot with the Attached Relationship is Destroyed, the other side of the Attached relationship suffers no Trauma. In addition, you gain no Bliss for the destruction of that Pilot.
Tina was silent for a great while. Then, she whispered in Chris' ear: " don't know if you can keep your promise." It wasn't a question.
Chris began to cry.

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