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Figured that Bliss Stage was practically tabletop rules for visual novels ANYWAY, so this is my next Tsundere Lightning production, to be coded into Ren'Py and released for free on the Lemmasoft forums. Just me doing my usual shilling for Ben Lehman as the BBSFBitU.

This one is meant to be free, but polished and with my own art, while my art still sucks. ^_^;

You are Joshua Preston, son of Magnificent Bastard Commander Jim Preston of the San Francisco Treasure Island resistance; and you will win the war and someone's heart or die trying. There are Good Endings involving Innocent Sweetheart Sara Smith, the troubled Season Veteran Anna 'Ji-Li' Lin, and the incredibly easy ones involving your Kind and patient Anchor, Meredith Baker, as well as a slightly harder ending involving both her and Anna. (And yes, she manages to be a Yamato Nadeshiko and African-American at the same time. She's just that nice.)

It's the functional equivalent of an R rated movie. Expect it to get as explicit as Ori ~ Ochi ~ Onoe - but no more than that. If that.

Heavily based on the Final Act introductory scenario from the first edition, Ignition Stage - which, while it's out of print, has a LOT of versions of it posted online, including one in the main BlissStage article.

First Mission Tutorial

Meredith Interlude 00

Father Interlude 00

Sara Interlude 00 Priv

Derek Interlude 00 Priv Derek Trustbreak 00 Anna

To be placed in order whenever.

Betrayed By Anna Lin?

Assumptions About Keenan

Final Sara Interlude

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