Sara was crying.

Not sniffling. Crying full tilt.

Josh: Sara...

I put a hand on her shoulder.

She shuddered, and slid away.

Josh: Sara, what's going on?
Sara: next muh...mission.

I wasn't sure if I should hug her.

Tentatively, I reached out my hand to her.


She grabbed for my hand.

Squeezed it.

Sara: ...there are so m-many aliens at Darkside...
Sara: ...I...I'm scared.
Sara: ...I don't wanna die... I don't wanna buh-liss...
Sara: ...I want to be happy, really happy, not in Bliss...
Sara: I'm so scared...

She shook.

I put my hand on her forehead.

Caressed her.

Josh: ...We have a chance in hell of making it.
Josh: I'll be there.
Josh: Anna will be there.
Josh: ...and most frightening of all to the Nightmares... you'll be there.

She rolled her head back into my hand.

Eyes closed.

Sighed happily.

Then blinked.

And turned her head away.

Josh: Sara... what's wrong?
Sara:'re gonna have to ask me, aren't you.
Sara: ...we're not gonna make it unless...
Sara: ...unless you ask me.
Sara: And we do it.
Sara: And we get the big guns.
Sara: Because we did it.
Josh: Sara...!

She wrenched herself away from me.



Sara: Ask me already!
Sara: I know you want to do it!
Sara: I know we need to do it to get the best robots!
Sara: Get it over with!
Josh: I...
Josh: Sara...

"I do want to. I desperately want to."

$ stru -= 1 $ sint == 5 $ trubreak? == 1

"I wasn't going to ask."

if $ sstr > 0:

$ sstr == 0


$ stru += 1

"Nothing you don't want to happen will happen."

$ sint == 5

She stared at me.

I couldn't read her expression.

"Sara, I love you."

"...if you don't want it to happen,"

"It won't."

"We can make it."

"We can survive Darkside..."


I dropped my head.

She dropped hers.

Stepped in.


And held on tight.

Sara: "Thank you..."

Sara: "That... that means a lot..."

We stood there, together, for a long time.

Sara: "...Josh, um..."

Sara: "...let's go to my room, or something..."

I looked right into her eyes.

...bright eyes...

...she wasn't afraid.


scene: sara_room

Sara sat on the bed.

Patted the space beside her.

I sat down.

Put a hand on her knee.


Josh: Do you want me to stop?


Sara: That's nice.

Sara: Just, you know, this is...

Sara: Having to think about this is embarrasing.

Josh: ...yeah, it is.

She rest her head on my shoulder.

Kissed my neck.

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