there are videos and episodes in Barney Home Videos which makes it hard to find

Home Videos

1. Let's Learn With Barney [It's Time For Counting/Let's Play School] [August 29, 2000]

2. Barney's Valentines Day Adventure [Be My Valentime Love Barney/Barney's Magical, Musical Adventure] [January 16, 2001]

3. Barney's Favorite Songs [Barney's Musical Scrapbook/Barney Songs/More Barney Songs] [May 1, 2001]

4. Fun At Barney's House [Come Over To Barney's House/Dino Dancing Tunes] [June 12, 2001]

5. Barney's Circus Fun [Barney's Super Singing Circus/Barney's Exercise Circus] [July 10, 2001]

6. Barney's Learning Round Up [A To Z With Barney/Parade Of Numbers/Howdy, Friends/Kids For Character/Kids For Character Choices Count] [September 4, 2001]

7. Barney's Slumber Fun [Good Day, Good Night/Barney's Pajama Party] [January 8, 2002]

8. Going Places With Barney [Barney's Adventure Bus/Walk Around The Block With Barney] [May 14, 2002]

9. Barney's Summer Time Fun [Barney's Beach Party/Camp WannaRunnaRound/Kids For Character] [June 18, 2002]

10. Barney's Safari Island [Let's Go To The Zoo/Imagination Island/Kids For Character] [July 9, 2002]

11. On The Go With Barney [Riding In Barney's Car/Round and Round We Go] [September 3, 2002]

12. Barney's Holiday Fun [Barney's Night Before Christmas/Barney's Christmas Star] [November 12, 2002]

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