Blood! - Charmaine and Satsuki Edition is a Aya's Greatest Adventures episode.


  • When Charmaine breaks the sculpture of the man, Satsuki gets really angry and starts chasing and trying to hurt her. Will Charmaine stop her beatings for good? Note: Charmaine is in a Shirley Fenette outfit and Satsuki is in a Mizuho Kazami outfit and are both wearing nude tights.


  • Satsuki
  • Charmaine


Part 1

  • (We see Satsuki with a sculpture of a man)
  • Satsuki: Perfect! Now that i really like that sculpture. I'll store these in my project and...
  • (Charmaine appears, breaking the sculpture)
  • Satsuki: (gasps) My sculpture!
  • Charmaine: Happy prank day, Satsuki.
  • Satsuki: Grr! What have you done to my sculpture!
  • Charmaine: Because i'm the best prank master of all. Don't you think it would be nice?
  • Satsuki: (growls) You'll pay for this Charmaine!
  • Charmaine: (screams and runs off)
  • Satsuki: Get back here!
  • (In The Hall of The Mountain King plays as Satsuki angrily chases Charmaine)
  • Charmaine: Help! Save me!
  • Satsuki: You're nothing but a cowardly girl, you jerk!
  • Charmaine: (sees a safe spot) There it is.
  • (Charmaine hides and watches Satsuki run like the wind)
  • Charmaine: Phew! That was close. Huh?
  • Satsuki: I'll hurt you!
  • Charmaine: Yikes!
  • (Charmaine dashes off and Satsuki follows after her)
  • Charmaine: Stop it! Stop this insanity right now!
  • Satsuki: Keep whining and i'll bust your head!
  • Charmaine: Never! (races to another safe spot and hides)
  • Satsuki: Now where did that steamette run off to?
  • Charmaine: (throws off her high heeled pumps) I'm staying shoeless.
  • Satsuki: (does the same) Well i'm going shoeless too.
  • Charmaine: You wanted to hurt me. So don't be daft!
  • Satsuki: I'm trying to hurt you, jerk!
  • Charmaine: You wont hurt me! You're nothing but a moron!
  • Satsuki: Who are you calling me moron?
  • Charmaine: (starts crying like a siren and falls to her knees on the floor)
  • Satsuki: (does the same)
  • Charmaine: (teary eyed) It's not fair! I wanted to be daft with you!
  • Satsuki: (also teary eyed) But i only wanted to hurt you. Now you called me a moron.
  • Charmaine: (sniffs) From now on, we wont have a fight.
  • Satsuki: (sniffs also) A promise is just a promise.
  • Charmaine: (whimpers and starts crying again)
  • Satsuki: (does the same)
  • (The two girls start hugging each other)
  • Charmaine: (crying) I love you Satsuki.
  • Satsuki: (also crying) I love you too, Charmaine.
  • (We cut to the two in their rooms)
  • Charmaine: (thinking) I don't care about Satsuki anymore. I called her a moron.
  • Satsuki: (thinking) It's not fair. I wanted Charmaine to be hurt.
  • Fluffy: Meow!
  • Charmaine: What do you want, Fluffy?
  • Fluffy: Meow!
  • Charmaine: All right then i'll give you food.
  • Fluffles: Meow!
  • Satsuki: What, Fluffles?
  • Fluffles: Meow!
  • Satsuki: Then i'm going to give you food if you want.
  • Fluffles: Meow!
  • (Charmaine and Satsuki give food to Fluffy and Fluffles, but look at each other)
  • Charmaine: Huh?
  • Satsuki: Huh?
  • Both: You're focusing on us!
  • (Barber of Seville overture plays as Charmaine and Satsuki start doing chores at a time lapsed speed. First they clean the dishes, then they start gardening outside, next they organize the books, then they clean up the clothes and finally they vaccum the floors)
  • Satsuki: We did the chores now what?
  • Charmaine: Do a Time lapse blur. We can build a cabin in less than 10 mintues.
  • Satsuki: Bring it on!
  • (Green Hornet theme plays as Charmaine and Satsuki start building a cabin at a time lapsed speed with a blur effect)
  • Charmaine: Faster than we are, we are going amok!
  • Satsuki: Yeah!
  • (Charmaine and Satsuki do everything in a time lapsed blur speed by running around the house. Fluffles and Fluffy watch at a regular speed)
  • Charmaine: Help! Our feet can't stop!
  • Satsuki: Save us!
  • (Charmaine and Satsuki wooshed off like rockets)
  • Fluffy: Meow!
  • Fluffles: Meow!
  • (End of Part 1)

Part 2

  • (

Part 3

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