Honest john and Giddy from disney’s pinocchio in 1940,

The grinch from how the grinch stole Christmas in 1966,

Stromboli from disney’s Pinocchio in 1940,

Captain hook from disney's peter pan in 1953,

Bloodbottler from the BFG in 1989,

Jafar from disney’s Aladdin in 1992,

Gaston from disney’s beauty and the beast in 1991,

Uncle scar from disney’s the lion king in 1994,

Sir ector from disney’s the sword in the stone in 1963,

Razoul from disney’s Aladdin in 1992,

Aunt sarah from disney’s lady and the tramp in 1955,

Ursula from disney’s the little mermaid in 1989,

The evil queen from disney’s snow white in 1937,

Texas'''''pete from superted in 1982-1989,

Pete in 1925-2009,

The big bad wolf from disney’s the three little pigs in 1933,

Yzma from disney’s '''''The emperor’s new groove in 2000

And Prince john from disney’s robin hood in 1973.

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