For the Imaginary Friend of the same name, see Bloo

Bloooo is an episode from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. It is the 13th episode from the show in season one.


Bloo and Mac have been playing in the mud whilst it has been raining, where both get sick. Frankie goes and takes Mac home while Bloo was to watch a scary movie, but is unable to sit through it and ends up heading to bed, looking rather pail.

After watching the movie, Eduardo, Wilt and Coco begin to think that there is a ghost running around in the house, where it's Bloo just moaning.

Frankie on the other hand, gets locked out of the house and begin to think she's being stalked.

Soon enough though, near the end of the episode, Wilt, Eduardo and Coco all realize that it's just Bloo they've been chasing while Frankie finds out that the "stalker" was just another imaginary friend looking for a place to stay.

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