Bloop is Super Coward's mascot in the eighth season of Garfield and Friends. Wade encounters Bloop when trying to go to the market to buy ingredients for a pie Orson was making. Bloop gives Wade a potion, which would give him anything he wants. If the person doesn't make a wish (which Wade did), the wish would be randomized, so Wade became a superhero, but was too much of a coward to use his powers until he saw Robo-Pig trying to rob Aloysius Pig's notepad. Bloop turned into a sceptor for Super Coward to use so he could stop Robo-Pig. Bloop also appeared in the Season 8 episodes" Lanolin and Lanolina" and "Much Ado About Orson" and the season 9 episode "The Mysterious Power Plant".

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