Bloopers! is a US DVD  of Toys-r-Us of six episdoes of May 14th 2013.


On blooper day on Sodor and once more The accident was falled down Accidents have a happed on the island Thomas learns with us ABC The races of sodor was finsh line Thomas saw the dinosaurs in the mesuem The quarry is a good place Thomas and Diesel work hard and then Bloopers on Sodor!


  1. Bloopers!
  2. Bloopers!
  3. Thomas ABC
  4. Accidents Happen Racing
  5. Dinosaurs
  6. BMQ Deluxe

Bonus Features

  1. Catch the Balloon Game
  2. Blue Mountain Mystery Karoke Music Video
  3. Guess Who? Puzzles - Diesel 10 Dart and Spencer


  1. Really Uesful Engines - Duck and Paxton
  2. Mr. Perkins' Postcard - The Lighthouse
  3. The Earl's Quiz - Blue Mountain Mystery and Day of the Diesels
  4. Mr. Perkins' Storytime - A Close Shave
  5. Who's That Engine? - Duck

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