Genre Animation
Running time 30 Minutes
Creator(s) Unknown Athours
Developer(s) Sunbow Entertainment
Starring Andrea Libman
Billy West
Ian James Corlett
Tress MacNeille
Nika Futterman
Richard Newman
Tom Kenny
Lenore Zann
Janyse Jaud
Grey Delisle
Rhys Huber
Jeff Bennett
Rob Paulsen
Dan Castellaneta
Ian McCormick
Paul Dobsen
Michael Donovan
Kirby Morrow
Terry Klassen
French Tickner
Country of origin United Sates
Original network/channel PBS
Origional run April 2013-
December 2013
No. of episodes 28
IMDb page

Brianne is an Animated Second Adaption of Ian's Not So Boring Life created by A couple of unknown Authors who Bought the Rights of Ian's Not So Boring Life from Ian McCormick and Comedy Central (which it was moved to in 2007). The show had used morally Stock Footage. The show was also Drastically Changed making Ian who was the Main Character and was renamed Brianne (For the Shows name-sake), Almighty Tallest Purple was rendered Female as well as GIR was. Many other changes were made Ian was rendered as Zims Sister. Another change was that Tak was no longer the enemy of Zim and was only reffered to as Zim's Girlfriend. Skoodge is renamed Splodge. This show annoyed alot of old Fans. The show ended due to lack of ratings. The show is a continounce with Salty's Lighthouse though this had many more Changes then Saltys Lighthouse even. The Series as well used TUGS and Theodore Tugboat redubbed to fit with a moral which most Characters were voiced by most Actors from American Dubbed Anime.

Most of the Music for the series was composed by Chase Rucker Productions. The rest was actual music from TUGS by Mike O Donnel and Junior Cambell and some from INSBL by Kevin Mathei.

Comparisons with INSBL, IZ, Grizdar, Theodore and TUGS

  • Ian is now female and called Brianne as the Title implies yet theres still a boyish look! Was also referred to be Zims Sister
  • The Stories were now set in the modern day though the architecture was clearly still from the 1920s and the tugs now had diesel engines though you could still clearly see steam coming from their stacks.
  • Zim and Taks past hate filled relationship never happened and are in a relationship!
  • Alot of the names for the TUGS in this show is used in the similar Saltys Lighthouse
  • Captain Star, Grampus, Little Ditcher and Sunshine became Female also Sunshine was refered to as Ten Cents sister.
  • Skoodge become Sploodge
  • Zip was called Ziggy
  • Zebedee's name was mispronounced each time we saw him; instead of how his name is supposed to sound, it was always pronounced as Zeebee. Given that his name remained visible on episodes he appeared it, we can only assume that this was a mistake on the producers' parts.
  • Fire Tug became Red Fin. This could be a result of a misinterpretation on the editor's parts: in the TUGS episode, Munitions, Bluenose arrogantly calls him a 'red thing', and seeing as Bluenose's heavy accent can be indistinguishable at times, the editors of Salty's Lighthouse could have heard the name as Red Fin
  • Any of the Tugs Glaswegian, Cockney, and Liverpudlian accents were all changed to American..
  • Tallest Purple was now Female
  • All the liners had been renamed. The Duchess was called Queen Victoria, Princess Alice was called Princess Anne and S.S. Vienna was called S.S. Martania(name mix-up with the RMS Mauretania (1906) by the produser's).
  • Big Mac was called Big Stack and O.J. was called Otis. However, in the original series, the tugs' names were painted on them. As a workaround, censor bars were used to cover their TUGS names printed on them.
  • The Tallests were replaced as being titled as the King and Queen or Neptune. Noting that Purple was now female.
  • GIR became a Female SIR Unit
  • Keef was called Keith
  • Johnny Cuba was called Steamer; and instead of a smuggler, he was shy and bashful.
  • Elton was renamed Elly.
  • The Star Fleet and Z-Stacks became friends instead of rivals.
  • Lord Stinker became Stinky Morris
  • Sally Seaplane was called Martha
  • Brian became Lenny
  • Frank and Eddie were changed to police barges and were named Mr. Knight and Mr. Chapman though their nameplates are still shown and they are still seen with tracks on their sides.
  • O.T. was renamed Trever and had a new engine to replace his paddle wheel's but you can stil see his paddle wheel's move.
  • Billy Shoepack became Anthony George though Shoepack was still visible on his turnwheel sides
  • Bluenose was renamed Captain Smith
  • Burke and Blair became movie producers, and were changed to Mr. Bocco and Mr. Socco
  • Mighty Moe was renamed Towalong Stephen
  • Chunk was a recuring Character that was tough guy and not bully as portrayed in the Zim and INSBL!
  • Tak had a moral hate relationship upon Brianne (Ian) while in INSBL she seems to appear to be a little love struck toward him!
  • Jack the Grappler was now named Scoop
  • The Coast Guard and his messenger were merged and became one character called Cappy despite the fact that both vessels have different appearances
  • George was renamed Geralld
  • Shellberne was renamed Tow Mater.
  • Big Mickey had become Bigg Basil
  • Sea Rogue became evil instead of good.
  • The Star Fleet and Z-Stacks became friends instead of rivals
  • Pearl had become Grace
  • Jerry was renamed J.T.
  • Puffa was called Stanley and the Goods Engine was called Chooch
  • Bulstrode was a Barge bought by Captain Star that caused trouble.
  • Vaul was called Ocho and was a friendly Irken.
  • Stan was a Former Cop whose arm was injured and removed!
  • Lillie Lightship was renamed Mrs. Dempsey. Despite Lillie being on her sides and was a Southern Belle
  • Lard Nar had a Criminal reputation for blowing up planets not needing that!
  • The Dispatcher was renamed General Sanchez
  • TUGS Segments used somewhat similar storylines to the original but was cut up shorter!
  • Some Stock footage from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends is used occasionally in order to fit with TUGS segments! (ie: Seaside Scenes and also the Episode "Special Attraction" to fit with a made Story.
  • The TUGS Segments were now set in the modern days but architecture was clearly from the 1920s. Any things that went on were looked through Brianne's Lab (Actually Ians Home Ship used from Invader Dennis Strikes Back, A Chicken and a Bear and Nonsenical Idiocy)
  • The Harbour Master appeared and was still played by Denny Doherty though his voice was dubbed by Billy West.
  • Nantucket's name constantly changed and sometimes could not even speak (in which a foghorn sound effect was used instead.)
  • Bigg City Port became Snugboat Harbour

Critical Response

The Series was a Failure to anyone who saw INSBL and reminded them alot of Salty's Lighthouse. Though Brianne has a somewhat more clever turn! In the still Image of the TUGS Ten Cents, Big Stack, Otis, Top Hat, Warrior, Hercules, Sunshine, Zorran, Zak, Z.B., Zug and Ziggy the Names for Big Mac, Zebedee and Zip are edited out and replaced with the names given as stated though with moving footage Zebedee (Z.B.) nor Zip's (Ziggy) names are not edited out though with O.J. (Otis) and Big Mac (Big Stack) they are but not replaced with any specific name. Any other Characters names are not edited out. As for the INSBL and IZ clear errors are that the way the characters lips move dont fit what they say. As well as Ian who was edited as Brianne has a clear male look though the likely reason for his gender change was due to his long Hair. Like Salty's Lighthouse the footage was continously repetitive.

Also a notable fact is that footage was used from the Pilot episodes in some episodes to which the design of Ian has changed as well as to Tak as her design ethic changed in late Season 5.

Due to this failure Ian McCormick whom took over INSBL in 2009 created a New Series for the Internet which inroduced TUGS Properly though with un-reddubed footage. The Series was called Ians Not so Boring Life: The Alleged Series. This completed Zim and Ians Mission

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  • Many of the Voices in the Series were the same voice actors in INSBL like Ian McCormickvoice of Ian voiced Top Hat, Hercules, Chunk, Zootch and Staney/Chooch. Terry Klassen also lent his voice to a recurring character in INSBL called Scary Stanley. Ian James Corlett as well lent his voice to various characters in INSBL including Dennis.


  • Andrea Libman - Brianne, Lelslie, Melissa, Zita and Sunshine
  • Billy West - Zim and The Harbour Master
  • Ian James Corlett - Dib, Ten Cents, Ziggy, Trevor, Minimoose, Dennis, Otis, Z.B. and Stinky Morris
  • Kathleen Barr - Sarah
  • Janyse Jaud - Grampus and Ms. Bitters
  • Tress MacNeille - Gaz and Emily
  • Paul Dobson - Big Stack, Sea Rogue, Red Fin and Stan
  • Nika Futterman - GIR
  • Richard Newman - Sploodge, Mr. Socco, Mr. Bocco, Chaz, Clay, Lesley, Henry, James and Elly
  • Tom Kenny - Almighty Tallest Red
  • Lenore Zann - Almighty Tallest Purple, Captain Star and Little Ditcher
  • Terry Klassen - Zak and Ocho
  • Venus Terzo - Mrs. Dempsey, Martha, Peg and Jessica
  • Brian Doyle-Murray - Bulstrode
  • Grey Delisle - Tak
  • Gary Chalk - Tyler, Foduck and Northumberland
  • Rhys Huber - Lard Nar and Keith
  • Rob Paulsen - Dr. Zeeltor and Hank
  • Dan Castellaneta - Warrior
  • Ian McCormick - Top Hat, Hercules, Chunk, Zootch, J.T., Theodore and Stanley/Chooch
  • R. Lee Ermy - Captain Smith
  • French Tickner - Captain Zero, Izzy Gomez, Dr. Zalvoor, Bigg Basil and Garbage Depot Manager
  • Dwight Schultz - Mr. Knight and Geralld
  • Michael Donovan - Scuttlebutt Pete, Oliver, Steamer, Lord Garvon and Towalong Stephen
  • Brad Swaile - Boomer, Anthony George and Cappy
  • Jeff Bennett - Lenny, Zanglor, Scoop and Mr. Chapman
  • Scott McNeil - Monty and Tow Mater
  • Kirby Morrow - Zorran, Zug, Nick and BiR
  • Denny Doherty - The Harbour Master (Stock Footage Only)

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