• Blossom (The Powerpuff Girls and The Powerpuff Girls Z) as Alice
  • Ariel (The Little Mermaid) as Alice's Sister
  • Marie (The Aristocats) as Dinah
  • Bonkers D. Bobcat (Bonkers) as White Rabbit
  • Sir Hiss (Robin Hood) as Doorknob
  • Tigger (Winnie the Pooh) as Dodo
  • Crash and Eddie (Ice Age 2 and 3) as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
  • Louis (Princess and the Frog) as Walrus
  • Ray (Princess and the Frog) as Carpenter
  • Fenton Crackshell (Ducktales) as Bill the Lizard
  • Pocahontas, Aurora, Jasmine, Fireside Girls, Eilonwy, Ariel's Sisters, Olivia, Tiana, Snow White, Giselle, Belle, Kida, Rapunzel, Lilo, Mulan, and others as Flowers
  • Smart Ass (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) as Caterpillar
  • Donald Duck (Mickey Mouse) as Caterpillar as a Butterfly
  • Jade Chan (Jackie Chan Adventures) as Bird in a Tree
  • Cowardly Lion (The Wizard of Oz) as Cheshire Cat
  • Hokey Wolf and Ding-a-Ling Wolf as Mad Hatter and March Hare
  • Nibbles (Tom and Jerry) as Dormouse
  • Timon, Pumbaa, and Simba (The Lion King) as Card Painters
  • Mistress Nine (Sailor Moon) as Queen of Hearts
  • Fisherman Bear (Bedknobs and Broomsticks) as King of Hearts

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