• Narrator: Thomas the Tank Engine was huffing and puffing when suddenly...
  • Thomas: Bust my buffers! This isn't the way to the Whistling Woods.
  • Bank Robber: (Driving Thomas) No it ain't, pal! Unless the Mayor of Sodor gives me a hundred million bucks, we're gonna drive this dynamite right into Knapford Station!

Mayor's Office

  • Mayor's Aid: Uh, we got a problem!
  • Mayor: Get me Sir Topham Hatt! (Mayor's Aid leaves) And you...(Rosie appears from behind desk) You come back later.
  • Rosie: You know my schedule, dear. (Drives away)

Knapford Station

  • Sir Topham Hatt: (Percy and James are together with Sir Topham in Percy's interior) Okay, people, this is what we trained for. (Percy laughs) So immature! Can we all just stay on track? (James laughs) Let's just get this... (Percy's whistle sounds, and James and Percy begin moving slowly) Move, move, move! (Train whistle sounds, and James and Percy starts moving very fast)

8 Hours Later...

  • Thomas: (Still hijacked, Percy catches up with him) Hello, Percy!
  • Percy: Hello, Thomas! Wonderful weather for a hijacking, isn't it?
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Shut your steamhole and get closer! (Jumps into Thomas's interior)
  • Percy: I LOVE being really useful! (Barney appears on the rail of the tracks in front of Percy, and Percy runs into him, causing him to fall over and explode)
  • Bank Robber: (Holding axe) You'll NEVER take me alive, Sir Topham Hatt! (Attacks Topham with axe, misses, and hits Thomas' controls)
  • Thomas: OW!
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Missed me! (Bank Robber attacks again, and hits Thomas again)
  • Thomas: OWW!
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Your blows are harmless! (Bank Robber attacks again, and hits Thomas again)
  • Thomas: My internal organs! (Gets hit twice) OW! JUST FINISH ME, YOU PUSSIES! (Bank Robber punches Topham, causing him to pull down Thomas' speed lever, making him go faster)
  • Bank Robber: (On walkie-talkie) Conductor to Skywolf, request pickup!
  • Harold: (Flying towards Thomas) Copy that, I'm on my way!
  • Thomas: Harold the Helicopter? You're a part of this?
  • Harold: That's right! I'm tired of taking a back seat to a bunch of steam trains! I can fly! (Thomas and Harold enter a tunnel)
  • Bank Robber: (He and Topham are on the top of Thomas) So long, Topham! (Cackles as he turns toward Harold, but Harold's tail blade hits a wall, and he falls to the ground, and explodes with the top blade spinning right between the Bank Robber and Topham, and Thomas makes it out of the tunnel avoiding a huge explosion)
  • Thomas: (His head hits a sign) OH, what cruel god would give a train a face?!? (Heads for a broken bridge)
  • Sir Topham Hatt: PUMP THOSE PISTONS, YOU STEAM-POWERED SON OF A BITCH! (Thomas goes faster, and jumps over the cliff, but barely makes it by dangling to a rail ending while the Bank Robber hangs onto Topham's leg)
  • Bank Robber: Topham! Help me! I'll turn myself in, I swear! Just pull me up!
  • Sir Topham Hatt: End of the line, blockhead! (Kicks Bank Robber down into the river)

Knapford Station

  • Mayor: (Shakes Topham's hand while crowd applaudes) Thank you, everyone! Knapford Station is saved!
  • Sir Topham Hatt: You're quite welcome, Mayor!
  • Mayor: And how did you dispose of the dynamite?
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Uhhh... (Thomas explodes, destroying the station)


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