1. Blue's ABC's
  2. Math!
  3. Blue's Story Time
  4. Adventures In Art
  5. Snacktime
  6. Blue's Favorite Song
  7. Pool Party
  8. Blue Goes To The Beach
  9. What Does Blue Want To Make?
  10. What Experiment Blue Wants To Try?
  11. Blue's News!
  12. Steve Gets The Sniffles
  13. Animal Behavior!
  14. Blue's Big Treasure Hunt
  15. Bugs!
  16. What Blue Is Afraid Of?
  17. Blue's Big Coustume Party
  18. The Anything Box
  19. Magenta Comes Over
  20. Magenta Gets Glasses
  21. Blue Is Flustrated
  22. The Baby's Here!
  23. Pretend Time!
  24. Blue's Big Pajama Party
  25. Blue's Sad Day
  26. What Blue's Dream Was About?
  27. Blue's Birthday
  28. Blue's Big Holiday

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