Arts and Crafts (1998)

Story Time (1998)

Blue's Birthday (1998)

ABC's and 123's (1999)

Rhytem and Blue (1999)

Blue's Big Treasure Hunt (1999)

Blue's Discoveries (1999)

Blue's Big Pajama Party (1999)

Blue's Safari (2000)

Magenta Comes Over (2000)

Stop, Look and Listen (2000)

Blue's Big Musical Movie (2000)

All Kinds Of Signs (2001)

Playtime With Periwinkle (2001)

Cafe Blue (2001)

Blue's Big Holiday (2001)

Blue's Big News: The Baby's Here (2001)

Blue's Big News: Read All About It! (2001)

Telling Time With Blue (2002)

Reading With Blue (2002)

Meet Joe! (2002)

It's Joe Time! (2002)

Blue's Big Band (2003)

Shapes and Colors (2003)

Blue Takes You To School (2003)

Blue's First Holiday (2003)

Classic Clues (2004)

Blue Talks! (2004)

Bluestock (2004)

Blue's Jobs (2006)

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