Blue Faction was a gang founded by The Rouge 3.


Blue Faction was originaly made to combat the powerful Yodasist gang.It consisted of The Rouge 3 and numerous other members. It also gained valuable help and support from another Gang, HB Sauce.

Numerous skirmishes erupted in the early beginings of the war, most won by Blue Faction, but it slowly grinded down into a bitter stalemate.

The entire gang, bar one, would find themselves consumed by the war. That one was Tom. Tom was the second in command of Blue Faction and its strategist.

As the war dragged on, Tom made plans to end it. These plans would would eventualy turn into The Rise of the Blue Empire and would lead to The Great Yodasist purge.

Tom planned to become Emperor of Yodaville, and fulfill his Gang's ideals by exterminating the Yodasists and their allies. This would pave the way for The Blue Empire, an empire with Tom at its head.

The Yodasist war began to grind down slowly. The battles became less numerous. There was talk in both camps of a truce. Blue Faction Leader Lewis was openly contemplating negociation with other Blue Faction officials. Tom quelled Lewis' cowardliness, but word had spread, Blue Faction would be negociating a truce with the Yodasists iminently. Tom had to make his move now.

The Fall

Immediently on his birthday, and on becoming a man, Tom struck, putting all his cards on the table. First Tom moved to his secretly built palace, 666 Clone Avenue. From here he directed the rise of the Blue Empire. Next, all Yodasists were decieved by who they thought were their parents. Secretly placed Social Workers, loyal only to Tom, moved their Yodasist families to the Secretly built "Happy Camps". Yodasist premises were destroyed, and civilians placed there in the Yodasists stead. Then the land was divided into districts and given to former members of Blue Faction and HB sauce, now Tom's governing Moffs.

In one day, Tom had acomplished what everone had been fighting for, for weeks, The destruction of the Yodasists order.

The next day, from his palace, Tom proclaimed the end of Blue Faction and the Yodasist war, and the begining of The Blue Empire.

The Blue Empire

With all Yodasists in the "Happy Camps", Tom had bought peace to Yodaville. Clone military units protected major instilations, and the Social Workers dispatched of anyone disturbing the peace. Still many citizens were disgusted with Tom and the "Happy Camps". They eventualy turned into an anti-blue underground movement.

Tom however knew of them and Social Workers were sent in to keep tabs on them.

Tom however enventualy grew old, and citizens began hoping his death would bring forth a kinder Emperor. Lewis, feeling cheated for being overthrown, thought he should be the next ruler in Tom's Stead, as Tom had no sons. Tom was taken by an early death.

However Tom never planned to give up his power. Upon death, Toms spirit traveled to a remote Cloning facility in The Hill District. There it ocupied one of many Clone bodies Tom had had made before his death. Using his Social Workers to look after him, he grew and retook his place as Emperor, weeks later.

Tom had originaly planned this for the remainder of The Rouge 3, but seeing Lewis and Dan s jealousy for his power, he never ordered the creation for their clones.

The Yodasits eventualy died in the "Happy Camps", and Tom had the camps destroyed.

The underground movemnt dissolved after a generation and relative peace was restored. New Moff's were appointed, from children of previous Moff's, Social Workers or loyal civilians. The Clone Army was demolished later, with no one to comabt them. The positions, formerly held by Lewis and Dan respectivley, of Cheif Inquisitor and Cheif Executioner were removed along with the orginisations of the Inquisitors and Executioners.

The only Blue Empire organisiation left was the Social Workers, which Tom needed to keep the peace and to nurse him when he was reborn.

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