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Blue Frackle[7]A blue bird-like Frackle was seen in the 1970 special The Great Santa Claus Switch as Scoff. In early seasons of The Muppet Show, it was often seen paired with a Green Frackle. The puppet was referred to as "Blue Frackle" in a sketch drawn by Jim Henson.FilmographyThis list contains 6 items (show all • hide all)

The Muppet Show (5)

Muppets from Space



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Green Frackle[8]A green bird-like Frackle was seen in early seasons of The Muppet Show. The Frackle was occasionally portrayed as a female monster, but unlike other Frackles, only the voice changed in this respect and not the physical appearance of the character.FilmographyThis list contains 7 items (show all • hide all)

Muppets Tonight (1)The Muppet Christmas Carol

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