The Blue Orthodoxy of Progressive Truth, also known as the Orthodoxy, is the main religion of the CorEmp, and the largest organized religion in all of known space. Led by the Space Pope, this organization grew out of the hectic time at the beginning of the First Federation after the War of Unification, when society was in flux with the new government ruling over it. Drawing on the ideals of the Baha'i religion, the visions of other religious leaders, and his own religious revelations, the Pope of the then Catholic church worked with other religious leaders to create a unified church for Humanity known as the Catholic Orthodox Church of Christ.

They released their holy book, which standarized the beliefs of all religions added into it, while still allowing them their own practices. This book was called the Blue Follower's Enchiridion (Handbook). This book was expanded throughout the history of the religion, as new tenants and stories of saints and the "Supreme Manifestation of God" (see Space Pope) were added.

As this developed, the Pope was known as the "Supreme Manifestation of God," one who had become a messanger of God and would "progressively lead Humanity into spiritual enlightenment" as the position was described by the first Space Pope, Pope Alexander X.

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