Bluebell and Primrose are tank engine twins who live on the Bluebell Railway.


  • Despite not having faces, Bluebell and Primrose were the first female steam engines to be introduced in the Railway Series.
  • Of the two engines, only Bluebell is currently operational. Primrose is undergoing restoration.
  • Although in the illustrations Bluebell is shown in SE&CR pre-World War I livery she was actually painted blue from 1966 to 1998.
  • Bluebell's ERTL model was in fact Thomas' model merely repainted and with a different smokebox. She was originally going to have her own model. This original (prototype) model had a crew member leaning out of her door. This would have been the only ERTL model to have this feature.


  1. Bluebell/Thomas
  2. Primrose/Thomas


  • Ertl (Bluebell only)