Bluenose is a TUGS parody of the Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends episode "Bulgy".


It was a special time of the year in Bigg City Port, and Puffa was working harder than ever. All of the tugs were working hard too. When Grampus was waiting for his next journey with a barge, he saw a naval tug, who growled as the cargo was loaded onto Grampus' barge. He told Grampus that if it wasn't for him, the cargo wouldn't be there. Grampus said that he was glad it made it. The tug told him that enjoyment is all he lives for and that one day he'll be destroyed. Grampus said that other tugs like him, and though they tease him sometimes, they would never want to see him destroyed. Bluenose said that the other tugs are of no use. Grampus took no notice and said that the tug was silly.

Later, Grampus told Billy Shoepack all about the tug. Billy said that his name was Bluenose, and he happily left. But when they met again, Billy wasn't happy. He told Grampus that Bluenose's friend arrived, and he's rude too. He told Grampus that he's taking Bluenose's cargo and leaving Bluenose to steal theirs. Grampus said that he can't, but Billy said that Bluenose can beat them to the dock and that he knows a shortcut.

That evening, the two were preparing for the homeward rush, but the cargo was not there. Billy then noticed that Bluenose was taking their cargo away. Grampus chased after him, and he couldn't find out a way to get back at him. Later, he saw that Bluenose was wedged between a dock. Grampus decided to try and get the cargo through. While he did, it made Bluenose worried, but the cargo made it safely across.

Soon, things went back to normal. The dock was repaired, but not Bluenose, who never learned sense. He's a playground for the beach, and his lies do no harm, because the children never listen to them.

Cast (in order of appearances)

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