This is the TheUnitedPikachus version of Aladdin.




Magic Carpet-Zazu(The Lion King)

Abu-Petrie(The Land Before Time)

Sultan-Nigel(Finding Nemo)

The Peddler- Fast Tony(Ice Age 2)

Gazeem the Theif-Kaa(The Jungle Book)


Iago-Spike(My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic)

Rajah-Tramp(Lady and The Tramp)

Cave of Wonders-Sharptooth(The Land Before Time)

Melon Seller-King Julien(Madagascar)

Apple Seller-Topsy(The Land Before Time)

Old Jafar-Ezylryb(Legend of The Guardians)

Razoul-Scat Cat(The Aristocats)

Razoul's Henchmen-The Alley Cats(The Aristocats)

Elephant Abu-Donphan(Pokemon)

Snake Jafar-Mowgli(The Jungle Book)

Genie Jafar-Louis(The Princess and the Frog)

Prince Achmed-King Buffo(Courage The Cowardly Dog)

Old Man Genie-Nicodemus(The Secret of NIMH)

Young Boy Genie-Dumbo

Fat Man Genie-Baron Alberto as Lickylicki(Pokemon:The Rise of Darkrai 2)

75 Golden Camels-Camels(Madagascar A Christmas Capet)

53 Purple Peacocks-The Three Caballeros

Exotic Type Mammals-Epa(The Simpons Movie)

Leopard Genie-Vitaly(Madagascar 3)

Goat Genie-Goat(Courage episode: Goat Pain)

Harem Genie-Derpy(My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic)

3 Balcony Harem Girls-Giraffes(Lion King 2)

95 White Persian Monkeys-Marmosets(Rio)

60 Elephants-Mammoths(Ice Age 4)

Llamas-Allistar and Carmen(Open Season 3)

Bears and Lions- Pooh and Kovu(Pooh and Lion King 2)

Brass Band-Louie(The Trumpet  of The Swan)

40 Fakirs-Mo's Water Kin(The Land Before Time 9: Journey To Big Water)

Cooks and Bakers-Koopa's Dinosaurs and Mr. and Mrs. Cake(Mario and My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic)

Birds That Warble on Key-Hens(Home on The Range)

Gigantic Genie-Dyna Blade(Kirby:Right Back At Ya!)

Rabbit Genie-Buneary(Pokemon)

Dragon Genie-Hookfang(How to Train Your Dragon)

Sheep Genie-Sheep(Cow and Chicken)

Genie as Rodney Dangerfield-Cheshire Cat(Alice In Wonderland 1951)

Super Spy Genie-Timon(The Lion King)

Teacher Genie-Sven(Happy Feet TWO)

Table Lamp Genie-Chinchou(Pokemon)

Cub Rajah-Scamp(Lady and The Tramp 2)

Turtle,Ostrich,Duck,Horse,Camel,Car Abu-Squirtle,Dodrio,Farfetch'd,Camerupt,Casey Jr.(Pokemon and Dumbo)

Bee Genie-Boris(Balto)

Submarine Genie-Po(Kung Fu Panda)

One of The Flamingos-Puffin(The Swan Princess)

Toy Abu-Digit(An American Tale)

3 Harem Girls' Mother-Princess Celestia(My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic)

Fish Nut Necklace Pot seller and Fire Eater-Rocko Maurice Courage Robin Hood and Squidward(The Pebble and The Penguin,Madagascar,Courage,Robin Hood and Spongebob)

Two Hungry Kids-Timmy Petra and Beany(The Pebble and The Penguin)

Girls Laughing at Aladdin-Miss Kitty and her sisters and Duchess(The Great Mouse Detective and The Aristocats)

Necklace man and Woman-Pongo and Ursa(101 Dalmatians an Open Season 3)

Fat Ugly Woman-Dil(The Land Before Time)

Cheerleader Genies-Owl Tigger Rabbit and Kanga(Pooh)

Genie as Report Man and Woman Harry and June Charlie and Sasha(All Dogs Go To Heaven)

Laddie Dog Genie-Mr.Weenie(Open Season)

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