The Scout is the Primary Stealth Class in the Blue Lightstone group. They are trained in basic First-Aid, Signaling, and Basic Stealth Tactics.


The first and most primary power of the Scout is signaling. Signaling is the art of using flares, smoke signals, and other inconspicous long-distance messaging. Scouts are equipped with tiny pouches of powdered Madu Cabolo fruit, tinted with various pigments. They ise these flares to bring attention to battle sites and such.

Scouts only have a basic knowledge of stealth. How to hide yourself, your tracks, and to mask your sounds. These skills are very important, and a Scout can learn more through dilligant studies.

Their First Aid training is very basic. How to treat Burns, minor cuts and scrapes, and bruises. They cannot use Blue Lightstone with extreme skill, and will often use normal medicines.

Current Scouts in the BoD

  • None.

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