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Bo Peep the Hedgehog Princess and Friends is a Disney Princess/Sonic/Thomas FL parody with Disney Princess/Sonic combined clips and Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends audio made by BrittalCroftFan.


  • Bo Peep as Sonic as Thomas
  • Cinderella as Shadow as Edward
  • Jasmine as Espio as Henry
  • Ariel as Knuckles as Gordon
  • Belle as Antoine as James
  • Jessie as Tails as Percy
  • Uncle Eliowny as Toby
  • Wendy as Rotor as Duck
  • Big Lady as Donald
  • Big Predita as Douglas
  • Melody as Lucas as Oliver
  • Shenzi as Snively as Diesel
  • Snively as Rouge as Daisy
  • Kuzco as Cream as Mavis
  • Cadpig as Rocket as Stepney
  • Princess Woody as Emily
  • Babs Jr. as Bertie
  • Scuttle as Amy as Lady
  • Dr. Julian Evil Queen as Diesel 10
  • Anastasia as Boceo as Splatter
  • Drizellia as Doceo as Dodge
  • King Minnie as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Queen Mickey as Lady Hatt
  • Shirley as Charmey as Terence


Season 1

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More Coming Soon


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