Bob's Favorite Stories VHS
A sequel to the VHS tapes Bob and Larry's Favorite Stories Vols. 1, 2 and 3, Junior's Favorite Stories!, Larry's Favorite Stories! and Classics from the Crisper.


  • An Easter Carol
  • A Snoodle's Tale
  • Sumo of the Opera

VHS Artwork

Release Date

  • July 3, 2005

Front Cover

  • Ebenezer Nezzer, Bob, Snoodle-Doo, Hope, Mr. Sly, and The Italian Scallion

Back Cover

  • Ebenezer and Cavis
  • Snoodle-Doo
  • The Italian Scallion and Hadrian

VHS Opening

  • Warning screen
  • Lord of the Beans teaser
  • Sheerluck Holmes teaser
  • Larryboy '06 teaser
  • Big Idea Why We Do What We Do

VHS Closing

  • Credits for "An Easter Carol"
  • Credits for "A Snoodle's Tale"
  • Credits for "Sumo of the Opera"
  • Big Idea logo
  • Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson's Hairbrush trailer
  • Duke and the Great Pie War trailer
  • VeggieTales Sing-Alongs CDs
  • Veggie Library promo

Credits Roll


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