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Construction worker

Can we fix it?"
"Yes we can!
—Bob the Builder

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Bob (catchphrase: "Can we fix it?") is a General Contractor and head of his own construction yard based in Bobsville and later in Sunflower Valley and now Fixham Harbour. Bob is from a family of builders – his father Robert is also a builder. He is assisted by Wendy and a host of anthropomorphic vehicles in various projects in and around the town. He is the owner of Pilchard the Cat and he is not good with computers. Some of the problems in the show arise from Bob’s habit of forgetting to turn his mobile phone on. Bob was voiced by Neil Morrissey in the U.K.; and, in the U.S., he is voiced by William Dufris, Greg Proops, and Marc Silk. Beginning in 2015, he is voiced by Lee Ingleby in the U.K., due to Neil Morrissey getting fired from voicing the character, and Dan Bacon in the U.S.


Musical parodies

Songs in the Musical, sung by Bob the Builder


  • "Only the Lonely"
  • "Running Scared"
  • "Blue Angel"
  • "Mean Woman Blues"
  • "Blue Bayou"
  • "It's Over"
  • "The Great Pretender"
  • "Oh, Pretty Woman"
  • "A Love So Beautiful"
  • "In the Real World"
  • "In Dreams"
  • "I Drove All Night"

Solos (in a duet)

  • "Love Hurts" (Wendy)
  • "Crawling Back / Too Soon to Know" (Wendy)
  • "Crying" (Meg)
  • "The Only One" (Piper)

Solos (in a group number)

  • "Dream Baby" (Spud, Farmer Pickles, Mr. Bentley, and Mr. Beasley)
  • "What'd I Say" (Marjorie, Spud, Farmer Pickles, Mr. Sabatini, Mr. Bentley, and Mr. Beasley)


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