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tomarmstrong14's movie spoof version of Tarzan


  • Bob Cratchit (Mickey's Christmas Carol) as Tarzan
  • Tarzan and Jane's 3 Kids as A,EaR
  • Robyn's Father and Mother as Tarzan's Father and Mother
  • Tiny Tim - Son of Bob Cratchit (M'sCC) as Young Tarzan
  • the Cratchit Children - Tiny Tim's Twin Brother and Twin Sister as Topsy and Tim - Twin Son and Twin Daughter of Jordan and Emily Rooke, Twin Nephew and Twin Niece of Thomas Rooke
  • Robyn as Baby Tarzan
  • Taran, F.F. and Elionwy as T,JyE Rooke - Topsy and Tim's Uncle, Daddy and Mummy
  • Scrooge (M'sCC) as Clayton
  • Teacher (M'sCC) as Jane's Daddy
  • Emily Chatchit (M'sCC) as Jane
  • Marley (M'sCC) as Terk
  • Thomas the Cat as Tantor

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