Bob Sickles is considered a genuine all-star blue-liner. Setting several defensemen offensive records as well as being a very talented defensive player. He began his professionnal hockey career at 19 with the Pittsburgh Popsicles (now the Winnipeg Blades) for which he played 9 outstanding seasons winning a JHL championship cup with Pittsburgh. Later on in the EHL, due to financial problems the Pittsburgh Popsicles had tough decisions to make and let their star defenseman go as a free agent to the Kansas City Sunriders. After 7 more remarkable seasons pleasing Kansas City fans, Sickles was diagnosed with an unknown disease that had no name which no one ever heard of. So he retired. Sadened fans argued that he still had it in him and could still give it a try. But Sickles's EHL days were over. Kansas City team mate Ortto Kirkko was caught crying at Bob's farewell press conference. He was introduced to the EHL Hall Of Fame and a trophy was named after him; the Sickles Gold Medal, awarded to the playoff MVP.

Years passed and the unexpected happened, the disease miraculously vanished. Rumors quickly began to spread that he might come back to Kansas City, Pittsburgh or Pueblo?... Bob Sickles put an end to all the gossip when he finally signed a contract with the icelandic Reykjavik Íslendingur in the new WEHA league (like so many EHL old timers these days). Critics don't expect him to be in top form after 4 years but he has been training very hard for the past 7 months. Team mate Waldo Smith who saw him at the Reykjavik training camp said The way I see it, Bob's gonna whip some *ss!

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