'Rollercoaster' is an episode of the parody animated series 'Bob and Junior', with 'VeggieTales' clips and 'Phineas and Ferb: Rollercoaster' audio.

Cast of Characters

  • Bob as Phineas
  • Larry as Jeremy
  • Junior as Ferb
  • Scooter as Perry
  • Laura as Isabella
  • Mr. Nezzer as Dr. Doofenshmirtz
  • Madame Blueberry as Candace
  • Mom Asparagus as Linda
  • Dad Asparagus as Lawrence
  • Frankencelery as Major Monogram


(Scene opens up with the camera zooming into the backyard.)

Bob the Tomato:So, Junior, what do you wanna do today?

(Junior shrugs)

Bob the Tomato: What about Scooter, what does he want to do?

(Scooter chatters)

Bob the Tomato: Well, he's a Carrot, they don't do much. I for one, am starting to get bored, and boredom is something of up with which I will not put! The first thing they're gonna ask us when we get back to school is "what did we do over the summer?". I mean, no school for three months. Our life should be a roller coaster! And I mean a good roller coaster, not like that one we rode at the state fair.

(Flashback on a roller coaster at the state fair. It goes over one tiny hill then ends)

Fair Worker: Please exit to the left.

(Flashback ends)

Bob the Tomato: Man, that was lame. Why, if I built a roller coaster, I would... That's it! I know what we're gonna do today!

Mom Asparagus:Bob, Junior. I'm gonna pick up a few things. You boys stays out of trouble, okay?

Bob the Tomato: Okay Mrs. Asparagus. (At Junior) We're gonna build a roller coaster!

(Mom Asparagus gets into the car)

Madame Blueberry:I'm in charge, right? You did tell them I'm in charge?

Mom Asparagus: Relax, Madame, nobody has to be in charge.

Madame: But what if there's a emergency?

Mom Asparagus: Like what?

Madame: What if... What if a satellite falls out of orbit and crashes into the house? (smiles)

Mom Asparagus: If that happens, you're in charge.

Madame: Yes!

Madame: (enters backyard) Mrs. Asparagus says I'm in charge, conditionally.

Bob the Tomato: Whatever.

Madame: Wait a minute, what are you doing?

Bob the Tomato: Homework.

Madame: It's summer.

Bob the Tomato: That's cool, you wait till the last minute then.

Madame: Well, I'm watching you. And I'm in charge, conditionally!

(Madame walks into the house and the phone rings, which she answers)

Madame: Hello? Oh, hi, Petunia! No, I can't get to the mall right now. Mom just went to the store, she left me in charge, well, you know, conditionally.

(Bob and Junior walk past with lots of wooden planks)

Madame: And if you go, can you see if Larry is there? No, no, he's the cute one that works at Chick-fil-A.

(Bob and Junior walk past again, with steel beams)

Madame: Yeah, he totally smiled at me the last time I was there. I just about died. No, I told you I can't, I'm watching my brother and step-brother.

(Bob and Junior walk past with sinks and toilets)

Madame: Yeah, and they never get into trouble, 'cause Mrs. Asparagus never catches them. One of these days though, I'm going to see that she catches them red handed.

(Bob and Junior walk past again, with a flamingo and a lion that roars loudly.)

Madame: Will you hold it down, I am trying to use the phone! (To Petunia) Mrs. Asparagus left me in charge, so there will be no shenanigans today. What are doing right now? Why do you ask? What do you mean you can see it from your house? See what?!

(Madame runs out to the backyard, she stares in shock upon seeing the rollercoaster, along with horror music)

Madame: Bob, what is this?!

Bob the Tomato: Do you like it?

Madame: Ooh, I'm gonna tell Mrs. Asparagus, and when she sees what you're doing, you are going down. Down! Down! Down! D-O-W-N, down!

(Bob and Junior look blankly while she walks away)

Bob the Tomato: We're gonna need a blowtorch and some more peanut butter.

(Madame takes her bicycle and rides away)

Laura Carrot:Hey Madame, is Bob... home?

Madame:Down, down, I say!

(Laura walks into the backyard.)

Laura Carrot:(hearts in eyes) Hey Bob.

Bob the Tomato: Hey Laura.

Laura Carrot: Whatcha doin'?

Bob the Tomato: Building a roller coaster.

Laura Carrot: In your backyard?

Bob the Tomato: Some of it.

Laura Carrot: Wow. Isn't that kind of impossible?

Bob the Tomato: Some might say.

Laura Carrot: Hey, Junior.

(Junior waves with the hammer)

Laura Carrot: Does your step-brother ever talk?

Bob the Tomato: Junior? He's more of a man of action.

(Junior hits the nail and then his nose)

Laura Carrot: I was gonna go to the pool, you wanna go swimming?

Bob the Tomato: Kind of in the middle of something here.

Laura Carrot: Oh, right. Kay, I'll see you later then.

Bob the Tomato: Okay. (To Junior) Hey Junior! You got enough rivets up there?

(Junior gives a thumbs up showing they have rivets.)

Bob the Tomato: Hey, where's Scooter?

(Scooter walks around the corner of the house. He jumps up, puts on a fedora and walks into a hole in the wall. He goes down a lift, into a lair, where he gets an "Incoming Message".)

Frankencelery: Good morning, Agent S. The evil Mr. Nezzer is up to his old tricks. For reasons unknown to us, he bought up 80% of the country's tin foil. I want you to get over to his hideout right away. Find out what he's up to and put a stop to it. As always Agent S, it is important that your cover identity as a mindless domestic pet remains intact. Now, get out there. We're all counting on you.

(Agent S jumps into a Carrot-themed hovercraft, and flies tough a tunnel. He leaves through a stone and holds his fedora down to hide from Bob and Junior.)

Bob the Tomato: So, the way I see it, the fuel rockets kick in at the mall's parking lot, then we release the snakes during the corkscrew at the interstate. I'm gonna go get the snakes.

(Junior puts on his mask and starts using the blowtorch.)

(Madame runs into the store)

Madame: Mrs. Asparagus! You gotta come home, right now.

Mom Asparagus: Did a satellite crash into the house?

Madame: No, no, no. You gotta see what Bob and Junior are doing.

Mom Asparagus: Seems like we've had this conversation before.

Madame: What do you mean?

Mom Asparagus: I seem to recall you telling me that the boys were training monkeys to juggle bicycles, and when I come home, there was a stunning lack of monkeys.

Madame: I still don't know how they cleaned that up so fast.

Mom Asparagus: So, what's the emergency this time?

Madame: They're building a roller coaster!

Mom Asparagus: Madame, seriously, isn't Bob a little young to be a roller coaster engineer?

(Bob talks to a man in a car factory)

Factory Manager: Aren't you a little young to be a roller coaster engineer?

Bob: Yes, yes I am.

Factory Manager: Well, I must say, I'm very impressed, the forms all seems to be in order, although I'd never seen them filled out in crayon before. So, if there's anything I can get you, anything at all, just let me know.

Bob: Do you think we could borrow one of those gadgets?

(A robot arm fixing a car is shown)

(Bob and Junior is riding the roller coaster that builds by the robot arm.)

Bob: Now, this is the life.

(The camera zooms in on Nezzer Evil Incorporated.)

(Agent S swings into the building)

Mr. Nezzer:Ah, Scooter the Carrot, what an unexpected surprise. And by unexpected, I mean: completely expected!

(Nezzer presses a button, which activates arms that grabs Agent S.)

Nezzer: I, Doctor Nezzer, have covered the entire eastern seaboard in tin foil, and when I put my giant magnet, next to my genius, Magnetism Magnifier, I will pull the East, in westerly direction, thereby reversing the rotation of the earth. You may ask yourself, why would he do this? What could he possibly have to gain? Well, let me just answer that question, I haven't really worked on all the bugs yet. I mean, tin foil alone costs a lot.

(Back at the store)

Madame Blueberry: But Mrs. Asparagus, I'd tell you, they're building a roller coaster, and it's huge.

(Junior puts up a poster)

Madame Blueberry: "Bob and Junior present the Coolest Coaster Ever now open"? Mrs. Asparagus! (runs off)

Veggie Kid #1:Bob and Junior got a roller coaster? You think we get a discount if we bring the flier?

Veggie Kid #2: Maybe we better take it. (takes the poster)

Madame Blueberry: Where, look, look, look, see? I told you I'm not crazy, I told you!

Mom Asparagus: And you're not crazy because?

(Madame turns toward the post where the poster was and screams)

Mom Asparagus: I see your point, Madame. No crazy person would scream at a post like that. I'll be at the dairy section if you wanna come yell at some cheese or anything.

(At the Tomato-Asparagus house, where the start of the coaster and a stage is. Junior walks onto the stage up to the microphone as if he's about to speak, then steps out of the way as Bob walks in.)

Bob: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. May I present to you a spectacle most of the morning in the making. The Coolest...Coaster...Ever!

(Junior reveals the coaster. A bird files into it.)

Bob: So, who wants to go first?

(Everyone raises their hands)

(on the rollercoaster...)

Bob: To fasten, insert the tab inside the metal buckle. To release, just pull back on the, oops.

(Bob drops the safety belt)

Bob: Well, you get the picture. Well, that's about it, enjoy the ride.

(The car goes over the top, and stops, viewing the long drop.)

Bob: You guys all signed the waivers, right?

(The car goes around the coaster, on the track. Everyone screams.)

(Going through the drop of snakes)

Bob: Relax, they're just rubber.

(The car goes into a bucket of mud, then exits. Later, it goes through a car wash, to be cleaned from the mud.)

Bob: Hey, look, there comes the A-A-A-A!

(The track is going up and down repeatedly, creating four "A"s.)

(Nezzer Evil Incorporated building)

Nezzer: ...really make my money back, I-I-I want a really spacey estate, and sell it again.

(Agent S sends a screw at Nezzer, which he ducks for.)

Nezzer: Ha, you missed!

(The screw flies to the roof and hitting a line, which throws it back at Nezzer's foot.)

Nezzer: Aaahh!! Ow, Ow, Ow, Aaooww!

(Nezzer jumps around and accidentally releases Agent P, who quickly attacks him. During the fight, Nezzer activates the Magnetism Magnifier.)

Nezzer: Now you are too late. Quake in your boots and watch helplessly, as the unimaginable electromagnetic forces, pull the eastern seaboard, thereby reversing the rotation of the--

(All the tin foil releases from the buildings)

Nezzer: Well...that didn't work.

(The tin foil forms into a giant ball, flying through the air)

Nezzer: And now, we have a two ton ball of tin foil traveling 200 miles per hour directly at us! Quickly, we must separate the magnet from the Magnifier before it's too late!

(At the store) Mom Asparagus: Now I know I have that club card in here somewhere. I always have it with me, but my purse is a disaster area, you know how it is. (Madame goes outside and sees the coaster) Madame: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Mrs. Asparagus, Mrs. Asparagus!

(Nezzer Evil Incorporated building)

Nezzer: It's no use, it's no use, we are doomed!

(Agent S sees a helicopter. He jumps onto the magnet and fires a grappling hook at it. He quickly wraps some of the rope around the magnet. The helicopter flies off, taking the magnet with it.)

Nezzer: You did it! You saved us, Perry the Platypus! (The call of tin foil crashes through the building.) Curse you, Scooter the Carrot!

(The magnet pulls a piece of the Magnetism Magnifier onto it, and gets stuck on the coaster, which then follows the helicopter into the sky.)

(Madame pulls Linda into the parking lot to reveal that the coaster has been removed.)

Madame: Look, look, look, see?

Mom Asparagus: (pause) Okay, I give up, what am I supposed to be looking at?

Madame:(turns to see the empty parking lot) No, it's not possible!

Mom Asparagus: I'm gonna go get the cart.

Madame: It was right here, and it was huge! (sees the rollercoaster fly away) Mom!

Mom Asparagus: Time to go. I've got frozens.

Madame: Okay, so you think that Bob and Junior are still under that stupid tree in the backyard, right?

Mom Asparagus: Well, yes, that would be my guess.

Madame: Fine, then lets go home. Now!

(Agent S sees that the helicopter is smoking and cuts the rope. He drops down onto the coaster and in the cart, right behind Bob and Junior.)

Bob: Oh there you are Scooter.

(Scooter chatters)

Bob: Nice hat Laura.

(Laura takes off Agent S's fedora and looks at it, confused.)

(The car goes to the end of the track and flies onto a construction area and flings into the air.)

Bob: Funny, I don't remember this in the blueprints.

(An airplane picks up the car by the tail)

Bob: And I'm sure this is new.

(Madame sees the airplane from Mom Asparagus car)

Madame: Hehehehehehehehehehe!

Mom Asparagus: I worry about you sometimes, Madame.

(The coaster car drops down and onto the Statue of Liberty, bending and throwing it to the woods. It lands on a pine tree which bends so they end up in front of Mr Slushy Burger.)

Employee: Welcome to Chick-fil-A, may I take your order?

Bob: Anyone want fries?

(Before taking any orders, the tree bends back and throws them to France, Paris)

French Man: Croissant?

Bob: Anyone want a (French accent) "quasson"?

(The car gets flung into orbit)

Singing Voice: ♪ Aahh-Aahh-Aaahhh ♪

(A satellite flies by)

Bob: You know, if that thing crashes into earth, Madame is in charge.

(The car suddenly falls down towards earth, towards the Veggie-State area)

Bob: We should have charged more.

(Mom Asparagus pulls the car on the driveway and Madame jumps out)

Mom Asparagus: Okay, we're here, are you happy now, Madame?

(Horror sting, Madame opens the gate to the backyard and doesn't see Bob or Junior)

Madame: Yes. (At Mom Asparagus) See Mrs. Asparagus, I told you they weren't there.

(Madame opens the gate and gestures toward the tree with her eyes closed. Mom Asparagus pokes her head through the gate opening and sees the boys)

Mom Asparagus: Oh, hi boys. (At this point, Madame opens her eyes and her mood changes to shock)

Bob: Hi Mr. Asparagus.

Mom Asparagus: Come on Madame, help me with the groceries.

Madame: But but but but but but but... (Continues under)

Mom Asparagus: Let's go!

(On the backyard, kids drops down from the tree)

Veggie Kid #2: Hey Bob, that was great.

Veggie Kid #1: Way too cool.

Veggie Kid #3: That was awesome, can we do it again?

Bob: Sorry, only one ride per customer.

Laura: That was great Bob. So, what are you gonna do tomorrow?

Bob: Don't know yet.

Laura: Maybe you could teach Scooter some tricks.

Bob: Well, he is a Carrot, they don't do much.

Junior: They're the only mammals to lay eggs.

Bob: ...Maybe he'll lay an egg.

Laura: Cool, see you tomorrow. It really was the coolest coaster ever. You guys makes a great team.

Bob: Well, a brother is a brother, but I couldn't have asked for a better one than Junior. You know what I mean?

(Junior burps)

Bob: Oh-ho-ho, man! I could smell the peanut butter!

Laura: Well that was impressive. See you guys. (leaves)

Bob: So what should we do tomorrow? There's a world of possibilities. Maybe we should make a list.

(The coaster car explodes in the tree, a car alarm and a dog barking can be heard)

Madame: Mrs. Asparagus!

Mom Asparagus: Give it a rest Madame!

(The tin foil ball rolls in the background)

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